App Mining Payouts (Cycle 1)

As described in the Developer Guide for App Mining, the App Mining Program has been running for 6 weeks and its time to calculate the first cycle of payouts.

The applications which were submitted and determined to be eligible for the program can be seen in the App Mining Registry. The data used to calculate payouts for these apps can be found on Apiary

The following is a snapshot of scores and payout amounts for eligible apps as of June 2.

App Name Score Payout
token-manager 0.216676598096849 25190.609060858600
Finance 0.18418280618578900 21412.912640821000
Voting 0.17771165758238100 20660.583242653500
Agent 0.13480439427801800 15672.226838385
Vault 0.07962062507627410 9256.61588327652
token-request 0.016360374091036700 1902.0410669014400
redemptions 0.014835128731022900 1724.7175353181100
token-balance-oracle 0.010745113570316400 1249.21637888824
dandelion-voting 0.010745113570316400 1249.21637888824
time-lock 0.010745113570316400 1249.21637888824
delay 0.0018827046610978500 218.88139979737800
transactions 0.0018386805118191000 213.7631953237130

You can find script used to calculate these amounts along with the raw output in github.