App Library Mega Thread

One of the most compelling aspects of Aragon compared to other DAO platforms is the composability and extensibility of an Aragon Organization.

Initially this has been fairly limited as the core set of published apps only provides basic functionality, but there is a growing library of applications in various stages of development that have not been adequately surfaced. It’s my belief that as this library of applications grows, the usefulness and gravity of the Aragon platform will increase.

This post is intended to be a reference hub for these applications and discussions about how architects can use them in the context of other applications to create a unique organization. This post will be updated over time as I (and hopefully others) create individual threads for the various different Aragon apps that are being developed or are already released.

App Threads

  • Tollgate - require payment in order to perform certain actions in within an organization
  • Approvals - create multi-step approval processes
  • Redemptions - burn tokens in exchange for a share of assets held by an organization
  • Token Request - allow anyone to make a request to mint tokens in exchange for payment

Great initiative Luke. We will be creating App Threads for Open Enterprise soon!

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The P2P Wiki app is super cool. Let’s DAOs own their own bylaws in a trustless and transparent way :slight_smile:

Question: do apps have to be shipped to mainnet to be included in this list, or is Rinkeby ok?

So far all the apps listed are only deployed on Rinkeby. I think it’s reasonable to include anything that seems to be complete enough to be useful.

I think the p2pmodels wiki app totally fits that bill.

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Empower The DAO has some awesome apps that could be added to this list as well:

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Espresso is pretty cool too, and it’s on Rinkeby

Pando is also cool, but from the README I’m not sure if it’s on Rinkeby. Does anyone know the status of this app?

#EmpowerTheDAO created 3 apps as part of a project funded by Nest:

  • Compound Aragon App - empowering a DAO to supply any
    supported ERC-20 token to Compound Finance and earn associated interest.

  • Uniswap Aragon App - empowering a DAO to swap ETH with any ERC-20 token available on Uniswap

  • ENS Aragon App - empowering a DAO to set a reverse record for an ENS name.

More details for each of these apps can be found at