App Library Mega Thread

One of the most compelling aspects of Aragon compared to other DAO platforms is the composability and extensibility of an Aragon Organization.

Initially this has been fairly limited as the core set of published apps only provides basic functionality, but there is a growing library of applications in various stages of development that have not been adequately surfaced. It’s my belief that as this library of applications grows, the usefulness and gravity of the Aragon platform will increase.

This post is intended to be a reference hub for these applications and discussions about how architects can use them in the context of other applications to create a unique organization. This post will be updated over time as I (and hopefully others) create individual threads for the various different Aragon apps that are being developed or are already released.

App Threads

  • Tollgate - require payment in order to perform certain actions in within an organization
  • Approvals - create multi-step approval processes
  • Redemptions - burn tokens in exchange for a share of assets held by an organization
  • Token Request - allow anyone to make a request to mint tokens in exchange for payment

Great initiative Luke. We will be creating App Threads for Open Enterprise soon!


The P2P Wiki app is super cool. Let’s DAOs own their own bylaws in a trustless and transparent way :slight_smile:

Question: do apps have to be shipped to mainnet to be included in this list, or is Rinkeby ok?

So far all the apps listed are only deployed on Rinkeby. I think it’s reasonable to include anything that seems to be complete enough to be useful.

I think the p2pmodels wiki app totally fits that bill.

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Empower The DAO has some awesome apps that could be added to this list as well:

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Espresso is pretty cool too, and it’s on Rinkeby

Pando is also cool, but from the README I’m not sure if it’s on Rinkeby. Does anyone know the status of this app?

#EmpowerTheDAO created 3 apps as part of a project funded by Nest:

  • Compound Aragon App - empowering a DAO to supply any
    supported ERC-20 token to Compound Finance and earn associated interest.

  • Uniswap Aragon App - empowering a DAO to swap ETH with any ERC-20 token available on Uniswap

  • ENS Aragon App - empowering a DAO to set a reverse record for an ENS name.

More details for each of these apps can be found at

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@lkngtn great initiative! Is the idea that the first post on this thread will be updated as others share their apps on the thread? I see some other apps have been mentioned already but haven’t been added to the first post yet.

My intention was to update the main post when new threads were created for apps. It didn’t seem super useful to to update it based on comments since they are already on this page.

But I don’t mind if the consensus is that the application specific threads aren’t super valuable and the main value is just having a single post with a list of all the apps.

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Maybe the format could be:

App name

  • Git repo link:
  • Forum thread:

Then it could be inclusive of apps that we only have a repo link for, not a discussion thread yet, and once there is a discussion thread we can add the link in.

Also, even though you alluded to it in the OP, it might be worth adding a section “how to add your app to this post” and be more explicit about how people can participate:

How to add an app to this app library:
Step 1. Publish the source code online somewhere.
Step 2. Start a discussion here on the forum with a description of the app and a few screenshots, and give the thread the “app-library” tag (see examples from other apps below)
Step 3. Reply to this thread with the name of the app, a link to the source code, and a link to the forum discussion thread


Would be nice to have a curated registry for this. Like experimenting with this thread how a dao could create a registry. For example people create a dao registry and give each of them 10 registry tokens. Then when a new thread comes in they vote with this tokens and when approved the person who applied gets 1 token and the post gets added to the registry. The registry is just a simple list with categories where people can find aragon apps (requested, in development and available)

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i think we would just need a form where people can add new entries to an open ipfs excel sheet which is owned by a DAO (the token holders of the DAO). then people who have this token can vote on the different entries. the more tokens you hold the more weight your vote has. after 14 days the votes get count and depending on the minimal % the entries get approved or not to the registry.

In many ways APM provides a great foundation for this as it is effectively already a curated registry, open.aragonpm.eth allows anyone to publish, but other instances of the registry like the top-level aragonpm.eth require permissions to publish. For example one registry might have requirement that all major updates have been professionally audited. Each APM registry is actually an Aragon DAO itself (

But curation doesn’t necessarily need to be on-chain… It may also be interesting to look at – which shows all apps that have been published to APM on mainnet with atleast one install. We plan to add additional functionality to improve application discovery there, A tagging system might be useful way to sort apps into relevant categories, and we have also started to look into adding contextual discussions using 3box threads. So you can have curation at both the contract level, but also at the discovery layer.


Was thinking that it might be easier to organize things if we created a subcategory of the Product category called Apps and then created a thread for every app in that category. Then the first post on every thread could be a high level overview of the app with relevant links to learn more, and discussions could happen in the comments below. Happy to do the work too make that happen.

@lkngtn Does that sound like a good idea and/or did you have any other plans/ideas for this thread?

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I think the Apps category to replace the tag that I was using for these posts would make sense. However, there hasn’t been much apparent interest from app developers so far in creating individual threads and I haven’t had time to make them myself, but I still think having a discussion thread per app is a good idea.

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To Do List

This comment is a wiki, so please add stuff

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