Apiary: Curve Bonding Onboarding


Since the mainnet deployment of Apiary is approaching, we decided to start accepting applications from DAOs & mechanism designers by detailing out the use-case and submitting contact information.

Upon reviewing these projects we, as Aragon Black will support the implementations of a few applicants who will be selected on the basis of 3 parameters: impact, community, readiness. These are obviously subjective evaluations which are meant to act as guiding points for our own evaluation.
The areas where we aim to be supportive of the projects are around technical assistance, curve optimization and governance tuning.
Creating this post here because we would love to receive some ideas from within the community since Apiary familiarity has already taken root here and thus it only makes sense to collect those ideas floating around in the Ara-sphere.

Please jump in and fill the form if you have an exciting implementation in mind: https://forms.gle/hr3KTQoc9Afzko8SA
Please feel free to reach out here or on Keybase in case you would like to support the on-boarding process in another way.