ANT disappeared off my Ledger Nano S

Hi, checked my Ledger Nano S today and my ANT have disappeared? Realised now of the upgrade and swap etc.

Can anyone help as to retrieve them please?

Many thanks if you can! Stressful lol

Hi Matt!
I have the same problem. Find any solution?

Hiya, sorted it out today after an endless painful search.

I have a MEW MyEtherWallet already and Ledger Live with Nano S.

I found this on youtube how to link your ledger with MEW.

I used this instruction to link the two together only to see if my ANT tokens would appear on MEW and they did. Make sure you have some Ethereum on your Ledger to log in and pay for the transfer to another exchange that does the swap.

Once you’ve linked the two, on the right hand side of MEW it will load what you have on the ledger. I typed in ANT in the search bar and it showed two versions. One with my units (old ANT) and the other with no units is the new one.

On MEW on the left hand side I click on ‘send’ scroll down on ETH bar to ANT. This is where you send to another address.

I have a Binance account also. In your holdings on Binance type in ANT and it will show old or new coin.
Click on the OLDANT address then copy this into MEW.

Once the OLDANT are on Binance, on the far right it says deposit withdraw trade or ‘convert’ Click on convert and it is done for you pretty much straight away.

Hope this helps!

Good luck should work fine!