Another day, another platform (AVA)

While Polkadot got fair share of attention from Aragon community, there is new promising player in the town – AVAlanche

Check out their presentation on DEVCON 5

They aim for EVM support. Actually they aim to transfer Ethereum state to their network via “spoon” - friendly fork - just because they can.

Looks like Avachain has more and more options every day, despite the choice of sticking to EVM.

what is Avalanche doing to address scalability? why do you believe it will fare better than Ethereum in this regard?

Let the best team win. Or they all can win. Or they can unite efforts or whatever.
Demo is intriguing, promises are bold, testnet code is there.

That’s not really a convincing answer… they are so far behind it’s not even worth looking at right now imo. Good luck.