Announcement of a new governance process

Update 2020-11-25: The results from the final ANT vote on The Future of ANJ and Aragon Court are in! Read the results announcement here on the Aragon Twitter account:

The Aragon Association is announcing a new governance process and vote timeline to resolve recent discussions about the future of ANJ and Aragon Court. You can find the full details in our post on the Aragon blog:

You can also read the upcoming proposal by Aragon One, “Should Aragon One deploy Aragon Protocol with ANT as its staking token?

If you have any questions about this process, please feel free to ask as a reply on this thread or jump into the #governance channel on the Aragon Discord server.


Why did you split the initial proposal now into two separate decisions “using ANT as the court staking token” & “what to do with ANJ”? If the first proposal pass then ANT holders who hold no ANJ could just dump ANJ if they only care about profit. Do you know how many ANT holders also hold ANJ? I think if the majority of ANT holders hold no ANJ then I guess ANJ holders have to be happy with the bonding curve.

Hey! So these are decisions that go hand by hand. First, if deploying Aragon Protocol with ANT passes, then the subsequent decision is what to do with Aragon Court. If deploying Aragon Protocol with ANT doesn’t pass, then status quo is maintained and the second decision wouldn’t have to be made.

If that first proposal passes, then second a proposal would have to be made on how ANJ holders would get merged back into ANT.

ANT holders can reject the second proposal to merge ANJ back to ANT. In this case ANJ will become a stand alone project with only the bonding curve left connecting those projects. Perhaps the Aragon Network could also cancel the bonding curve. This could be all possible in the worst case. I don’t think this will happen I am just thinking about the worst case.

What I just want to stay is that now the worst case for ANJ holders is worse than before, but the potential upside also haha. Exciting :slight_smile: At the end it’s up to the community to decide. the two separate proposals make the decision clearer. At the end I can understand why two proposals make sense.

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Exactly, at the end of the day it’s in the hands of ANT and ANJ holders to be reasonable and find a path forward, together. Excited to see what will happen!