ANJ staking on Jurors

stake ANJ on Jurors which have a good score and get % of the reward and share the risk also.

how expensive is it to take over aragon court? if you could borrow ANJ for few days to stake to become a juror would this be a risk? is there calculation how safe aragon court is compared to kleros for example? What are the security mechanisms of aragon court to prevent a takeover?

This part of the documentation is relevant to your question:

I like that, haven’t seen that in Kleros, but probably easy to implement.
“After the final appeal round votes are tallied, a final ruling is issued and every juror who participated in the dispute and didn’t support the winning ruling is slashed. In the case of a successful 51% attack, the attackers will be rewarded with some tokens from honest jurors. Aragon Court will then block withdrawals for every juror that voted for the winning ruling in the final appeal round. The rationale behind this is that even if Aragon Court was successfully attacked, malicious jurors will be locked in for a period of time, allowing honest jurors to exit the system and sell their juror tokens before the attackers are allowed to withdraw. Therefore, the attack is disincentivized with the threat of losing almost all of the value spent purchasing the tokens.”

Perhaps you could make aragon court more resitant to takeovers by doing this:

  • To become a juror you need to stake a minimum ANJ. The minimum staked ANJ gives you 0% chance getting selected
  • to increase your chance you need to stake more ANJ
  • the more ANJ you stake the more you increase the % of getting selected but the % get less and less with more ANJ staked ( negative exponential curve)
  • possibility for ANJ holders to stake on Jurors to share the rewards and risks. The more ANJ staked the harder it gets to purchase lots of ANJ

Cannot enforce this because jurors would simply spread their ANJ across multiple accounts to get maximum increase.

It should already be possible for ANJ holders to stake towards specific jurors. I’m not sure if anyone has built a tool yet to do this however.

Perhaps you can use incentives / disincentives to prevent people from creating multiple accounts.

  • Like a minimum ANJ staking amount (10k ANJ) which gives you 0% chance getting selected.
  • or you have to stake even hire (30k ANJ) which gives you 0% chance getting selected, but you can reduce the minimum stake by voting on aragon cases even if you are not selected and when you vote with the majority your minimum stake amount get reduced. You have to pay gas fee so this would disincentivize people doing this with multiple accounts. Also it incentivize people to train without loosing ANJ if they are wrong only pay the gas fee.