ANJ stake difference to swap

What would be the difference between uniswap ANT to ANJ or staking ANT in return for ANJ? In both cases I sell my ANT for ANJ and if I want ANT back I have to sell ANJ for the current price.

Would it be possible to stake ANT and get a ANJ loan? Then ANJ would be an ANT collateral similar to bitshares BTS and BitUSD.

Bonding curves are automated market makers. Uniswap and the Aragon Court curve are two different markets. If arbitrage traders keep them even they’ll be about the same, but they might not. They’re different markets.

Like ETH/DAI, but for ANT/ANJ?

Whre can i find more infos about the difference between those two bonding curves?

correct or like BTS and bitUSD. BTS and bitUSD don’t have this overloaded bureaucracy

I don’t think there’s a specific comparison per say, but this thread has lots of info on bonding curves in general:

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