An upgrade to ANT2

Hello everybody! I was trying to exchange my old aragon to the new one using the ANT upgrate portal. I connected my Portis wallet, paid for the transaction. It says that it has changed for the new aragon, but how and where do I access it? I can’t find it neither in my Partis wallet nor anywhere else…
@luis, @burrrata, maybe you guys can help me?

I saw another Portis user report about this. The problem is that Portis isn’t tracking the new ANTv2 contract so that token isn’t showing up in their wallet, and Portis also doesn’t offer a way to add tokens manually as far as I can tell.

You can double-check that the upgrade went as expected by looking up your address in a block explorer that shows token balances, such as Etherscan. ANTv2 should show up in the dropdown/list of tokens you own.

If you want to access your ANTv2 before Portis adds support for this token (which could take a while, who knows) then you need to import your recovery phrase into another wallet that does support ANTv2 (or adding tokens manually) such as MetaMask:

Then add ANTv2 as a custom token:

Using the ANTv2 contract address:


Thank you very much for your answer!

When I’m suing my MetaMask wallet and I plug in the ANTv2 contract address that you wrote, it says that the tokens have already been added even though my MetaMask ANT account stays at 0.
I tried to use both the contract you gave and the one that I received in my Aragon upgrade portal (the one that is in the top right corner)

Could you please help?

I’m not sure exactly what the problem is, you may need to contact MetaMask support.