An Open Letter to the Aragon Cooperative DAO Community

Hi all, I’d really like to clear the air…

Some of the recent disagreements in the Aragon Cooperative DAO have escalated because of how I’ve responded to them. While some disagreement is expected on occasion (we’re all passionate about this project), how I’ve reacted to some of those involved has crossed the line between healthy and productive communication, to destructive and unhealthy mudslinging. Can I hold my hands up and say that my role in some of the recent communication breakdowns within the Coop has been wrong. I fully intend to set those wrongs right, and have commenced the process to set all of this straight, very much starting over the last few days.

I’d like to begin making further amends by addressing some of what I perceive as a few of my own recent failings here:

I have been aggressive and passive aggressive towards people that I’ve disagreed with, rather than make a case respectfully and calmly. I have used expletives and coercion/ guilt tripping, to try and force a point, instead of calmly explaining my reasoning. For all these I am truly sorry.

Whilst there has on occasion been outside forces and events that have conspired to complicate this situation, leading to a sense of personal frustration - that’s really not anyone else’s fault - and I just shouldn’t be dragging such issues into here. These tactics aren’t acceptable within our various online spaces, and I accept that some of the above approaches have lead to a loss of my credibility, in a community that I grok knows better about how people like us, are supposed to behave. I make a firm pledge to not do any of this, anymore, at all.

More problems include that the Coop has been talking a lot, while demonstrating little in the production of value. Perhaps this is fine for other environments, but not in purposeful places where we expect meaningful work to be made. Such low signal to noise ratio is not sustainable, or acceptable. I would agree too that Coop members have some justification in being confused and frustrated that several weeks after AGP-40 was approved, we still don’t have a clear process and workflow for proposing, reviewing and being able to vote on our communities proposals for transacting within the Coop.

Having listened, read and reviewed many of our discussions and various documented conversations, I do clearly accept that without a detailed, acceptable and accepted workflow process, everything will continue to be perceived as ad hoc and disorganised – even if there is some progress taking place ‘under the hood’. It’s equally self evident that with some money involved, and interested parties observing our frustrating lack of progress from afar, the stakes are simply too high for any of this situation to continue and be anywhere near okay. I do very much accept that my requirement to ask the Coop community for funds while this apparent disorganisation continued, constructing improvised processes along the way, understandably has contributed to some of this evident recent conflict.

I’ve reviewed several of my poor communication practices, intending to be much more mindful each time. Though I’m still deeply excited about the project and eager to participate, I appreciate it’s only welcome and valued when productively channelled in a friendly and welcoming manner.

I ‘m truly sorry for any conflict or disorganisation I’ve contributed towards, and have taken time to reflect on the feedback I’ve received, fully intending to be at my best to offer more productive project contributions. Can I also thank too the couple of community members that dropped some searing truth-bombs on me a couple of days ago, which fully zapped my being back awake.

Because what I really want the most for now is that the Aragon Cooperative DAO gets back on its feet, and back on track, for the good of this exceptional community. For me, this is much bigger than any individual, we have an obligation to protect and secure the work, and the workers, of our Aragon Cooperative DAO.

So how do we now bootstrap ourselves out of this currently disappointing situation…

We need to talk less, “make & do” more. Produce documents, sketch workflows, actively explore and write up our various plans. I’ll also be reviewing our members’ work and leaving focused, succinct, helpful comments, participating in the best ways that I can. I intend to help bring some sustainability to the current chaotic jumble that has become of the Coop. While raising the content of my messages by intending every word I type, knowing dozens of people may well be reading them (even more on the Aragon forum), I’ll gratefully acknowledge that people are freely give us their time for this – conscious indeed that ‘less can be much more’.

During our meeting this week, one of our members suggested that the Coop required a ‘deep reboot’. I believe this has already happened. There’s a different sense about the place, a feeling of genuine community, and an awareness of the need for us to now ‘roll our sleeves up and get stuck in’. Most of the required groundwork has now been laid, it’s time to implement all our ideas, research and experimentation. It’s time to ship some quality product.

A genuine sense of momentum now exists, we’re on the cusp of driving some proper engagement and fulfilling valuable contributions. While we acknowledge the requirements of tools and clear processes, it’s taking care of our people that has to come first. All I want is be able to represent this community with my head held high, confident that when people who are interested in what we do, can then take a look, knowing they’ll be impressed by what they find. The current goal of the Coop, that I take upon myself, is to get us to that level.

I really believe that we can! Burrrata has made a good start with the workflow proposal, I think if we gain some consensus around that proposal and can implement it, it would be a big win. From now on too, if we keep the keybase and forum discussions clean and focused (keeping any disagreement respectful and collegial) then we’ll be well on our way to regaining trust and rebuilding the community.

Finally, please may I say, to those couple of people who’ve expressed a desire to leave the Cooperative – I am truly sorry. I don’t expect a response, or indeed forgiveness, I simply just apologize. We will definitely all make a sincere effort to improve, focus and be better – and once you can perceive that the Coop is functioning more as you know that it should – perhaps you may consider rejoining the community, and be back amongst this potentially incredible environment again.

Thanks for your time, it’s appreciated.

let’s keep up our newfound positive momentum

Sometimes you may need to have been
deep in the depths of despair,
to then soar up amongst with the eagles