An open invitation for all community members to join the Aragon Github organization

As an open source project, our open community is one of our most valuable assets. Keeping to this spirit, we believe every community member should have the access and honour of being present in our Github organization.

Github is one of the primary workspaces for the Aragon community to contribute, collaborate, and provide feedback. This is true for both the core technical teams, where Github represents a large majority of our working and collaborative attention, but also for end users, less frequent contributors, and those whose work falls primarily in other organizational functions.

As an Aragonian, we hope that you will wear the Aragon badge proudly and with respect—and that you will continue to act in a way that is representative of our outstanding community.

Become a member

Please message @sohkai on Keybase, Discord, or Twitter with your Github user name.

Some (short) details about prior community involvement are helpful—it will be up to our discretion to filter out requests that appear to be spam.

Logistical details

Our Github organization houses code that backs more than $20MM in organizational value. The code is real, live, changing, and improved daily through the collaborative efforts of individuals and teams.

Gaining write access is a privilege and a real responsibility. Depending on the repository, there can be severe consequences for end users (which may be yourself!) in the event of a security mishap or failing software.

Outside of organizations formally granted by the Association, community members will be invited to the @aragon/community team. This team includes only heightened read (view and pull) access to the organization and its repositories, but will not let you arbitrarily push to a repository’s main branch. If you are a developer, your main contribution flow through pull requests should stay intact, except you will now have the option to pull a local copy rather than be forced to fork repositories.

If you weren’t able to before, you should now also have at least view access to our Github projects and Zenhub boards.

Please message @sohkai if you believe you should have additional access to a certain repository. Through the course of collaboration, we will most likely elevate your permissions ahead of you asking.