AN DAO Expense Policy

AN DAO Expense Policy

This expense policy outlines the policy and procedure for what is in scope for business reimbursement and what is not. An expense policy for a growing organization is essential to ensure fairness and cost control across the organization. This policy defines “Business-related expenses”, we therefore outline what can be expensed and set a procedure to authorize expenditure.

This policy aims to provide clarity to guilds on expenses.This document is intended for all at the DAO and should be considered the one source of truth when looking to gain reimbursement for expenses.

An expense budget will be requested per guild in the funding proposal

General expectations of contributors and guild leads:

  • Act in the best interest of AN DAO; spend DAO money frugally, as if it were your own
  • Act with honesty and integrity
  • Comply with the guidelines within this policy

Policy elements

An expense should:

  • Add value to the overall strategy of AN DAO
  • Simply make sense

Examples could be:

  • Travel expenses
  • Event tickets
  • Education
  • Subscription fees
  • Equipment that is necessary for work
    • Side note: only applicable for core contributors that worked 1+ season

Finance Squad tries to keep the policy as simple as possible and prefers optimistic approval. In addition, the aim is to evolve this policy over time and therefore necessary changes will be made. This policy is intended to provide a framework for all contributors at Aragon DAO and this should be seen as an employment benefit.

As this list is at the moment not exhaustive, please ask the Finance squad for clarification about reimbursable expenses. Finance squad retains the right to refuse an expense should it be deemed out of policy.

If you are not sure whether an expense is reimbursable, always check with your Guild lead & the Finance Squad before you make the expense.

Expense budget

The expense budget will be a fixed budget that is requested by the guild in the season proposal. In case the approved budget needs to be exceeded, a new proposal needs to be made, which requires reasoning and approval.


  • If you are not sure whether an expense is reimbursable, always check with your Guild lead & the Finance Squad before you make the expense.

    • Expenses will be reimbursed and no forward payments will be made by Aragon DAO to the contributor
  • Claim an expense for reimbursement through the expense request process highlighted in this video:

  • Make sure that the receipt/prove is attached to the expense request to prove the expense (no receipt, no payment)

  • Finance squad will process the payments together with the core contributor payments in the monthly payment cycle (15th of each month)

  • Finance squad will track the monthly expenditure and remaining budget for each Guild


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It would be great if there was something related to “coordination” with other teams, etc. DAOs only succeed with coordination.

Should each guild have separate service accounts when one could suffice? i.e Should all 10 guilds pay for services that could be shared if agreed upon?


Makes total sense to pool/coordinate a service if it is used by multiple guilds.
We will monitor if multiple guilds use the same paid service.

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