An Aragon Network DAO Experiment and Aragon Network Charter

As the next step decentralising Aragon, we’ve created this proposal for an experimental Aragon Network DAO.

It’d be fantastic to have your feedback and ideas on how to improve it!

You can find a full overview on this link

And the concrete proposal for the Aragon Network DAO Charter here

Feel free to provide feedback directly by commenting on the documents, as a reply to this post, or on the AragonDiscord Server in the channel #future-of-governance

I’ll do the first round of feedback review this week and up to Monday 16th/08. After that point, we’ll submit to the legal team to add their feedback too (and so community feedback after this point might have to wait until the DAO is launched and be submitted as a proposal).


I own the IP rights to the concept of “valuetivity”. This can be applied in a DAO context. I also created OSCA as a framework to analyze decentralized activity. Keen to see how these could be plugged into the Aragon governance experiment.

Hey, do you have any materials on these to know what they mean?

Discover the next steps and contribute to the decentralization of the Aragon Network, through the launch of a fractal DAO!

Join the open chat this Friday 19th at 4pm (UTC) on Discord ( > Community Discussion > chan:Auditorium.

— Aragon 🦅 (@AragonProject) August 19, 2021

What is a fractal DAO ? a Sub-DAO/ child-DAO ?

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Vote selling or renting classifies for a permanent ban.

Pleas explain more how this is done. Like someone gives me money and i vote in his favour? Is it illegal to offer money/tokens/nft etc. if you vote fore my proposal?
Is it legal to lend out my ANT to other people for one day or perhaps even with a flash loan, so they can vote? is that possible?

Perhaps best to chat over a zoom call ?

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I’m organising a comunity call today at 4pm UTC in Discord (Auditorium channel under Community Discussions)

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