All Aragon Devs Updates and Planning #46

Hi, I invite any team who would like to share their updates or submit discussion topics for the next Aragon Devs call to post them in this thread. The call will be held Monday April 13th .

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Agenda and notes

All Aragon Devs #46 (Notes)

Call #46: April 13th, 2020 8am PST / 11am EST / 3pm UTC / 5pm CET

Team Updates

  • Aragon One updates from last call and current priorities
  • AraCred updates
  • 1Hive updates from last call and current priorities


  • Appoint note takers
  • Introduce team members who haven’t already met each other (~0-5min)
  • Topics
    • Announcements and discussions:
      • Workshop: Aragon organizations on-chain and off-chain (Brett)
      • Workshop: git best practices (Brett)
      • Improve Token Manager with hooks
    • Demos:
      • The AraCred workflow (Aaron)
      • aragonUI enhancements (Pierre)
      • Conviction Voting



Workshop: Aragon organizations on-chain and off-chain

Primarily discussing on-chain architecture, events, and how we currently load information into the client.

Workshop to build the Toolkit.

Date: Tuesday April 14th at 5:00 CEST

Workshop: git best practices

Primarily discussing how to be a better teammate and contributor when using git.

Date: Friday April 17th at 4:00pm CEST




Demo 1: The AraCred workflow

Demo 2: aragonUI enhancements

  • Supports tree-shaking to reduce build size
  • Details component: foldable content
  • Update Circle Graph component:
    • New Aragon DS styles
    • Color animation
    • Animation flexibility
  • Markdown component: Renders markdown
  • Dataview component update: new API with two modes. Enables replacing empty states with custom objects.
  • New theming system

Demo 3: Conviction voting

  • Funding proposals management app
  • Once the threshold is reached, the proposal can be executed

Improve Token Manager with hooks

  • Hooks on transfer, on approve and on mint.
  • Pull request ready on the token-manager.
  • A1: It would be better to keep it as a standalone app.
  • Possibility of removing MiniMe. Maybe moving to ERC-777?
  • Is it possible to move from original token-manager to the token-manager with hooks? Currently not possible.
  • Is it possible to have a new aragonPM 1hive.aragonpm.eth. Yes, you can also use 1hivepm.eth


1Hive: Fabrizio Vigevani, Rodrigo Perez, Luke Duncan, William Griffiths, David Llop

Aragon One: Brett Sun, Enrique Ortiz, Gabriel Garcia, Pierre Bertet

Aragon Mesh: Mathew Cormier

Aragon Association: Aaron Foster



AraCred is a bridge between an ofchain source of reputation SourceCred and an Aragon DAO



  • AraCred MVP
  • Documentation
  • Running AraCred on AraCred


Demo The AraCred workflow, We are minting grain onchain!


Aragon One

The past two weeks we have been primarily focused on:

  • Spring cleaning efforts
  • Lots of aragonUI enhancements
  • Design iterations with Agreements integration into the Client
  • Architecting and designing Court email notifications
  • buidler-aragon v0.2.0 release!
  • Migrating aragon-apps to buidler


  • Announcements:
    • Workshop: Aragon organizations on-chain and off-chain (@sohkai)
    • Workshop: git best practices (@sohkai)
  • Demos:



  • Spring cleaning efforts


  • Organization Agreements scope and design iteration


  • Court email notifications


  • aragon-apps buidler migration
  • contract-helpers clean up


  • Subgraph for Aragon organizations
  • Focus on toolkit and its API



The last two weeks we have been primarily focused on:

  • Conviction Voting
  • Payroll
  • Radspec registry

Discussions topics :

  • Discussions:
    • Improve Token Manager with hooks
  • Demos:
    • Conviction Voting

Relevant teams :

  • Gardens
    • Current: Conviction Voting
    • Next: Commons Template
  • Payroll
    • Current:
      -Removed Prices feeds
      -Removed multiple tokens selection to be paid
      -Your salary can be paid in one denomination token (DAI, USDC, etc) or you can also choose to get a portion of your salary with the ORG token as equity.
      -Introduced the concept of multiplier for the equity token.
      -Equity token vestings

    • Next: Beta release in 4 weeks

  • Radspec Registry
    • Current:
      • β€œErya” temporary centralized radspec registry
    • Next:
      • On-chain registry
      • Agreements integration
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