All Aragon Devs Updates and Planning #40

Following our new approach regarding Aragon Devs calls, I invite teams to post their updates and discussion topics for the next call, which will be held on January 20th.

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UPDATE Template

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Discussions topics : (Topics you want to discuss, demo you want to make)
Relevant teams: (Teams or developers you’d like to have participate in the discussion)

@sohkai @Quazia @stellarmagnet @ajsantander @gabi @LouisGrx

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SDK Working Group/Mesh

  • First iteration of the buidler plugin, which will be the foundation of the next CLI version.
  • Moved the last remaining commands logic to the toolkit.
  • Fixed IPFS bug and agent documentation problems.

Reminder to all teams who haven’t participated yet :slight_smile:

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Aragon One



Preparing 0.8.7 release:

  • Fundraising mainnet launch
  • Account module improvements
    • Better sync state information
    • Support for more Ethereum providers


  • Started ANJ activation period (see
    • Adding Uniswap integration soon to support more tokens
  • Progressing smoothly with Court Dashboard; internal demos will be available soon




  • Informative Dot-Voting, this allows for dot voting to surve a similar
    function to the Survey app.
  • Oracle TokenManager deployed to Rinkeby, currently allows for basic Quasi-transferable tokens
    using a sender whitelist.
  • Got the Expterimental OE setup working with discussions
  • Started publishing OE apps on NPM
  • Continued with tweaks to the current on-boarding experience as
    an attempt to reduce the number of failed DAO creations


  • Release About app with new App insight widgets, this widgets will allow for a global insight view into the DAO
  • Deploy reputation template
  • Changes to Projects so that it will work without Github