All Aragon Devs #57

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  • Topics:
    • Announcements and discussions:
      • Snapshot voting + Aragon organization
    • Demos:
      • Snapshot flow
      • 1Hive swap + statistics


Snapshot voting + Aragon organization

  • Snapshot space with an Aragon organization
  • Add an Agreement plugin


Snapshot off chain voting

  • The flow uses the disputable delay app to delay the execution once the off-chain vote is sent on-chain

1Hive’s honeyswap + statistics

  • Uniswap v2 fork for xDai network
  • HONEY/xDAI pool
  • Honeyswap statistics fetch data from Honeyswap
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Aragon One

Our past two weeks:

  • Aragon Network / Agreement
    • Connect-based Network Dashboard with actions
    • Precedence campaign preparation
    • External audits preliminary report. So far nothing big, mostly notes and cosmetics improvements
  • Connect
    • Release type errors and API refactor as 0.8.0-alpha
    • Subgraph own infrastructure updates
  • Aragon Chain
    • Continue with internal testing and prepare comms efforts


  • Aragon Network:
    • Polish deployment tools
    • Launch precedence campaign
  • Connect:
    • Encoding of new forwarder types
    • Deploy a new organization subgraph version
  • Aragon Chain
    • Prepare for testnet launch


Our past two weeks:

  • Pollen program: Started with the first Honey distribution based on a sourcecred instance, to people who contribute on the 1Hive github, Discord and Discourse.

  • Deployed honey-swap :honey_pot: with analytics.

  • Delay and Conviction Voting disputables subgraphs

  • Honey-pot: Integrating V2 designs

  • Aragon court on xDai:

    • Removed subscriptions and governor fees. More info here


  • Honey-pot V2
    • Integrate dandelion votes
    • Continue work with disputable components
    • Integrate 3box comments
  • Work on honey maker.
  • Update the Court on xDai’s theme.
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