All Aragon Devs #55

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  • Appoint note takers
  • Introduce team members who haven’t already met each other (~0-5min)
  • Topics:
    • Demos:
      • Transaction path visualizer (@prince)


Transaction Path Visualizer :railway_track:

Aragon One

Our past two weeks:

  • Aragon Network / Agreement
    • Connect-based Network Dashboard scaffolded and connected into Rinkeby data
    • Begun internal audits of new smart contracts
  • Connect
    • Support Agreement and Disputables
  • Migration of contract repos onto buidler and contract-helpers
  • Participating in TheGraph’s indexer testnet


  • Don’t have anything today!


  • Aragon Network: precedence campaign
  • Kick-off official audits for new smart contracts
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Our past two weeks:

  • Conviction voting
    • Completed disputable version.
    • Made conviction params modifiable.
    • Enable the creation of signaling proposals
  • Honey-pot
    • Started investigating 3box integration
    • Updated UI with new Conviction Voting functionality.
    • Crated script for deploying Honey pot DAO with Agreements installed and some mock proposals.
  • Apiary
    • Migration to the graph is basically complete,
    • Website and the new API that uses the Aragon Connect subgraph has been deployed.


  • Honey-pot
    • Work on disputable components
    • Start upgrading honey-pot to V2 designs which basically include:
      • Proposals and dandelion votes merged into same feed.
      • Integrated 3box profile.
  • Apiary
    • UX improvements
    • Migrating the website design to be more in line with what our other projects look like.
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