AGP Vote #1 Megathread



The Aragon Association review period has officially concluded! Here are the results of the AA review:

[APPROVED] AGP-5: Aragon Flock proposal: Aragon One
[REJECTED] AGP-7: Flock Funding: Aragon DAC
[REJECTED] AGP-8: Migrating off Alphabet Inc. services
[REJECTED] AGP-9: The Separation of Church, State, and Network
[APPROVED] AGP-10: Community Funding DAO
[APPROVED] AGP-11: Aragon Association 2019 budget
[APPROVED] AGP-12: Aragon holiday
[APPROVED] AGP-14: Improve Voting Logistics
[APPROVED] AGP-16: Extend AGP Vote Duration
[APPROVED] AGP-17: Nest 2019 Budget
[APPROVED] AGP-18: AN Security Partner Authio
[APPROVED] AGP-19: Autark Flock Funding

Now is the final community review period before the vote starts at 00:00 UTC on January 24th, lasting for 48 hours.

I will be updating this post as the process continues until the final results are in after the vote! If you have any questions about this AGP vote please post in the comments below.


hello!! will the rationales behind the rejections be published?


Wanted to aggregate links to the Forum discussion threads for each of these proposals:

Discussion Threads!

Aragon One Flock Proposal

Community Funding DAO/Bounty DAO

Aragon Holiday

AN Security Partner Authio

Autark Flock Funding

Aragon Association 2019 Budget

Aragon Nest Budget

AGP-14 + AGP-16 (Meta AGPs)


Yes they will! During early next week



kudos on making it easy to propose and add AGPs
but I couldn’t find anywhere a guide on HOW to vote :blush: if you are an ANT holder

the forum’s AGP tag only shows discussions about each proposal
nor the Aragon blog or wiki has the info.

even now that the vote is over it would be useful (and transparent) to relate the place / smart contract / DAO
and UI where we could review the data…you know, for historical curiosity :slight_smile:

Maybe we could amend AGP-1 to also specify this information, about Where and how someone should vote?


We have instructions published here on our blog for the previous vote and will be publishing a similar “Final details” post for this Vote #1 before the vote begins.


thanks… :pushpin: pinning that for the future!
maybe you want to pin a post about it somewhere ?

I would have imagined that during votes there is a specific section of the top nav on the main
site that shows a visible
:rotating_light::point_right: “AGP voting open”:point_left::rotating_light:

that redirects directly to the vote, the instructions about how to vote and the links where to read about the choices

I know you had a lot on your plate, so just ideas for the future