AGP reviews for ANV-3 by the Aragon Association's Board

As per the AGP process, the Aragon Association’s board (@luis and @jorge) has been reviewing AGP proposals submitted by the community for ANV-3.
Below are the decisions that were taken for each of them:

All the cast votes can be seen in the AA Board DAO

Hey Stefano thanks for providing the rationale behind rejecting this. May I make a request / suggestion that in the future the AA takes a more active role in reviewing and giving feedback to proposal authors before the finalization deadline so that any concerns that would cause the AA to reject the proposal can be addressed and potentially resolved by the authors? In particular this was one of the first proposals submitted this cycle, over a month and a half before the proposals were due, and no concerns were raised by the AA or anyone else about the proposal.



We did not institute a “pre-review” with the board, and thus “smaller” issues like this one do slip by in the wider process.

I think the Community Review Period will be particularly helpful in situations like the following, but in any case will try to coordinate the board earlier in the AGP process.

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