AGP proposal: Nest 2019 Budget Extension

AGP-XX: Nest 2019 Budget Extension

Address of the transfer recipient

Nest DAO:

Amount of the transfer

$600k in DAI


Number and frequency of transfers if recurring (enter “1” if only one payment will be made)

A one-off transfer

Purpose of the transfer

Use of funds

The funds received will be managed by the Nest program and allocated to grantees.

  • $500K DAI to cover the cost of their operations
  • $100K DAI to cover the cost of audits of successful projects
  • ANT300K to reward grantees and invite them to participate actively in Aragon

Following up on the AGP-17 budget

In the first half of 2019, the Nest program allocated 3 grants. Considering the current pipeline of high quality proposals, it is expected by the Aragon Association that all remaining funds will have dried up by ANV#3.

The state of Nest

In the past year, Nest has found a great use case in funding small and agile teams, working from 6 months to a year, on technologies or initiatives that hold a unique place in the Aragon ecosystem. The Nest 2019 grantees are a good representation of this market-fit for Nest.

  • The Aragon Mesh team is working full time on enhancing the aragonCLI which is a central developer tool
  • The LevelK team is on its second Nest grant to build and implement powerful governance tools such as its Futarchy app
  • The Frame team is developing a signing provider with integrations with the Aragon stack and aims at improving the ease of use of Aragon DAOs

Moreover, the Nest program has proven to be a great way for Aragon community members to ramp up their contribution to Aragon. Two past Nest teams are now Flock teams, and it is expected that Nest will keep on being a great way to attract talent to contribute on the long term. It is also clear that we’re starting to see an interesting ecosystem dynamic with Nest as a bridge between Flock and the broader community.

Finally, while many things remain to be done to make Nest the most appealing of all funding programs, the Aragon Association will keep doing its best to provide an ever better experience to Nest grantees in order to nurture Aragon’s vision in them. As a first step in this direction, the Aragon Association will propose the decentralization of Nest with the Nest DAO through an AGP in ANV#3.

The new funding requested in this AGP is necessary for Nest to run efficiently, at least until ANV#4.

The Nest DAO

Provided AGP-XX passes. The Nest DAO will have full control over the grant amounts (in DAI/ANTs) and the selection of grantees. Otherwise, the Aragon Association will keep running the program.

Recipient information

Name: Nest DAO



Hello everyone,

Above is an AGP from the Aragon Association to extend Nest’s budget in order to ensure that Nest runs efficiently in Q3 2019.

Feedback and questions are highly welcome!

I would like to see more concrete details about the governance of the Nest DAO: who the initial members are, how members are added and removed, what the support/ quorum requirements will be, how other permissions in the DAO are configured, etc. Will you have this information by the time the proposal must be finalized?

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Hey, thanks for pointing these out! Hopefully this can answer a few questions. Feedback is highly welcome! We will work on updating to a final version by the time proposals are due.

My impression is that the Nest program has been a great value add for both the Aragon and wider Ethereum community. It has done an excellent job of ensuring not just that resources are allocated to high leverage initiatives, but also that the projects participating have the support and accountability to ensure they are able to effectively deliver.

I’m eager to see where the efforts to improve the process and incorporate wider flock and community participation in the the Nest process goes, but even if the process continues to be fully administered by the Aragon Association I wholeheartedly support this extension/renewal of the nest budget.


Also would be great to have a process in place to help Nest grantees to eventually become full fledge Flock members. For example:

  1. Raise the founding cap of Nest grants if they apply again, allowing the team to grow in an organic way
  2. Working and planning aligned with the rest of Flocks. Working Groups will help a lot with this :tada:
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