AGP idea: modify the AGP-10 Community Funding DAO so only the Aragon Co-op can create new votes

My bad. I thought that the thread was exploring ways to solve the underlying problem, and thus that my comments were on topic. If not I apologize.

It’s ok, I appreciate you contributing to the discussion! I just want to make sure the thread stays on-topic so that it’s easy to follow and we can stay focused.

The underlying problem is that the way permissions are configured in the CFDAO, anyone can create a proposal. An attacker could create a thousand proposals with a bot and hide several in there that drain the DAO of funds, and generally cause a nuisance. Your suggestion does not address this problem and goes into discussing separate issues, making it off-topic to this thread.

Some of what you said (such as recommending a filtering function in the Voting app) is on-topic, but specifically the parts I highlighted that start talking about engagement (and related sections that I did not highlight) I would consider off-topic.

Hope this clarifies!

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Yeah me too. I’m glad you brought it up in such a clear and direct way so that I knew exactly what was off-topic and why. That kind of feedback really helps to clarify the etiquette and expectations of the forum.

Thanks for explaining that. I’m not familiar with the CFDAO permissions, and with that new information it’s clear that my proposal does not address this loophole. As I mentioned we’re exploring a lot of possible applications that could potentially help with that though, so hopefully this problem will soon be in the past!

Yes very much so. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Wanted to link my comment from the other thread regarding this topic as I think it is relevant to both conversations:

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I am withdrawing this AGP from consideration for the time being. There hasn’t been an issue yet and by the end of the year the Aragon Court may be able to resolve this issue.

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