AGP discussion: The Separation of Church, State, and Network

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Hey @anteater! As its own jurisdiction, I agree that Aragon official accounts should only publicly endorse the Aragon Network’s festivities. Specially since a lot of those festivities are religious, as you mentioned.


Rather than separating Church, State and Network, the way this proposal was described sounds more like a willing to isolate the Aragon Network from our day to day culture!!

I’d be carefull with this one :slight_smile:

I guess the question is what to define as day to day culture. A lot of our “day to day culture” is actually Western/Christian culture and not really international and common to all

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exactly! but that is something related to each individual and difficult to define for a multietnic group of people.

The AGP seems to be focused on disclaiming holidays that people might be more than used (and would love) to celebrate!

“The Aragon Association shall not endorse or celebrate any religion or religious holiday” seems like a very aggressive statement IMO. It could be understood that neither members or employees of the association won’t be able to practice a religion, manifest their faith to others, or just celebrate a holiday as they have been doing their whole life.

I understand and agree that the Association itself should be religious agnostic, but in my own perspective, it already is by default and don’t think we would need an AGP for it.

Personally, I would like to see an organization that would welcome all faiths and believings.

Let’s decentralize religion endorsement instead of forbidding it!! :joy: :joy: :joy:

@sepu85 due to the reference in the AGP about a tweet from the Association’s twitter account I think this is more intended to cover institutional endorsements / celebrations of religious or national holidays vs the individual members of the organization or community celebrating the same. I don’t see anything controversial about the AGP personally, it seems as the title implies, a straightforward declaration of the separation of the Church, State, and Aragon Network.

If it is a straightforward declaration why is it in the Association track instead of on the Proclamation track?

I understand what your point, but there is too much open to interpretation IMHO (specially if.

anyhow, I still don’t see the point in this AGP… isn’t Aragon already agnostic to religion/states? wouldn’t be the case of an AGP if someone wants Aragon Association to become a Catholic (for example) institution :thinking:?

it might has sense for ratification purposes, I can realize that, but there’s a lot of room for improvement in the policy description syntax if the only motivation is to avoid to make communications related to religious holidays

I can’t speak for the author but probably because the Association owns the “official” communications channels e.g. Twitter and since the Association is kind of a proxy for the Network, it’s best to set this policy at the Association-level.

The AGP cites a tweet wishing “Merry Christmas” which is a Christian holiday. To the extent the Association has used its channels to celebrate religious holidays like this in the past, it has not been neutral and the AGP author wants to change that. (@anteater please chime in if I’m misstating the point of the AGP at all.)

That is correct, with this AGP I intended to ensure the neutrality of the Aragon Association (and by extension the Aragon Network) towards religious and national holidays. It is on the other hand perfectly fine for individual members of the community to celebrate whatever they wish.

I think this would be the most inclusive policy, in a similar way that the United States Constitution’s First Amendment keeps Church and State separate, creating room for people of all religions to feel comfortable in that country. At the same time it reduces the potential for needless debate later about which holidays to celebrate and which to ignore. Under this AGP, officially, we celebrate only Aragon holidays, like the new Fight For Freedom Day, and that’s it.

It did not get approved this time but I intend to bring it up again for the next vote.


This AGP has been revived:

I applaud this initiative, coming from a non-Christian country.


Thank you ANT holders for voting to approve this proposal:

I am proud to have authored two AGPs now that have been approved :slight_smile: