AGP discussion: Support Quiet Ending Voting

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This feature has been discussed elsewhere and I want to see what ANT holders think about adopting it for future use.


Just saw that the Aragon One product team has scheduled the Quiet Ending Voting for Aragon 0.9:

This doesn’t mean it will be adopted for Aragon governance purposes, so this AGP is still relevant as a means of gauging sentiment, but it give us an idea of when we can expect this feature to be available for adoption.

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This seems like a very useful addition to the voting app and I think it does a good job of directly addressing concerns about whales strategically waiting to the last minute to “flip” the outcome of a vote.

The one tradeoff is that it means that people are no longer able to change their vote, though I don’t think thats a big deal at all. (outside of very specific Edgecases, not sure there is a practical reason for someone to want/need to change their vote after initially casting it directly).

Given that this is already scheduled to be developed and worked on by Aragon One, I’m not sure how useful it is to have a separate proclamation to gauge sentiment, as there will need to eventually be another vote to adopt the change…

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@light Is the start and end of the Quiet Ending Period public or private information?

Generally speaking the exact mechanics of the quiet ending period are publicly known. It will be in a smart contract and verifiable by anyone.


Ah okay, so it would start and end based on block numbers, not based on an admin sending a tx or something like that?

To be clear, there is no implementation right now. But the way this generally works is there is a time for the quiet ending length specified, and an extension length if the quiet ending mechanism is triggered. These lengths are programmed into the contract, the same way the vote duration is programmed into the current voting app contract.

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