AGP discussion: Single-purpose native mobile app for Aragon voting (AGP-74)

Discussion thread for AGP-74: Single-purpose native mobile app for Aragon voting

Here’s a prior discussion that is somewhat related to this AGP, but not entirely in that this AGP is just a proclamation.

Aragon should have a single-purpose native mobile app

I strongly support the motivation for this AGP. Although it is on the roadmap, It doesn’t look like it’s a priority for any flock or nest team at the moment. something like this should probably be spearheaded by a team dedicated to this task alone

Aragon is actively limiting its mainstream appeal by not offering a native mobile app

I wouldn’t go as far as to say Aragon is ‘actively limiting’ it’s a mainstream appeal. It is on the road map just not a priority. But I too mainly use mobile as do many others. This would definitely expand the reach of the project

Personally, I’d rather have seen a funding proposal rather than a proclamation. Hopefully, next ANV round you guys put a new one in addressing the concerns raised with the last proposal

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I’m planning on voting no on this, here is my rationale…

A single purpose mobile app for Aragon sounds nice on the surface, but it feels like there is a lot of complexity around how this would actually work and depending on the implementation details the actual impact can very greatly from not very useful at all to quite useful… and the amount of effort/resources required also seems highly dependent on what the scope and functionality actually is.

  • How would push notifications work (and is this related to the email notification service that is being worked on)
  • How would the mobile app work for organizations with multiple app instances installed or with custom apps installed?
  • How does the user manager their keys, is there support for hardware wallets, what about multi-factor authentication?
  • Does the mobile app allow proposing actions or just voting? If making proposals should it support interactions with external dapps via agent?
  • What are the support/overhead requirements for maintaining this on an ongoing basis?

Ultimately I would love to a see a native mobile app for Aragon for the reasons you described, but it also feels like you have all the same challenges that a general purpose dapp browser on mobile faces (and haven’t really been solved by dedicated teams), with some additional challenges on top of that which are specific to interacting with Aragon.

On a more general note, I don’t really like the use of one-off proclamation’s as a way to prioritize efforts. It’s easy to say yes we should have a mobile app, but even if this were to pass how is the community supposed to take action on the results? How do we understand the relative priority of this versus other things that the community also has generally positive sentiment.

I think it might be interesting to have roadmap items and proposals listed and have people signal ANT behind specific issues they would like to see prioritized.


I don’t like the use of proclamations for this kind of proposal either, especially for items already on the road map. But in lew of an alternative signalling mechanism, it does seem appropriate. However leaving the AGP track aside for a moment, it’s for those reasons you highlighted I am totally in favour of an external team producing the mobile app.

To do this right is going to take a lot of time and bandwidth A1 probably does not have for quite a while (correct me if I’m wrong). Considering we are not talking about having one or not, we’re talking about sooner rather than later, for me it makes sense to vote yes to encourage external team’s to spend resources in addressing how they will meet these challenges. It’s for these reasons I will be voting yes

Totally support this! Right now we don’t have a way to signal for roadmap items, while imperfect the proclamation route seems the only way to achieve this result


That’s fair, but I feel that these questions are all downstream of whether or not there should be a mobile app in the first place. That’s why this is just a proclamation. All of those things could be fleshed out in a finance proposal.

Re: Key management, in general my favorite approach is a dapp-specific (or dapp-class-specific) contract-based account that does 1-of-2 signing where there’s an ephemeral in-app key with no seed phrase presented on the mobile device but the other key (a wallet key of some type or even another contract-based account) can remove and add a new in-dapp key if you delete the app or anything like that. Having said that, whatever works best for the Aragon mobile app use case works best for that use case. So it doesn’t necessarily have to be that approach.

You do face many of the same challenges of a general purpose dapp browser. A dedicated (small) team would be needed for this, yes.

I think one-off proclamations are a great way to prioritize specific efforts that the community finds to be under-prioritized by the existing teams working on the Aragon project (in particular the well-funded ones).

The community would take action on the results of this by finding a place to aggregate proposals for how a dedicated mobile app ought to work and discussing them, and then making a proposal for a finance vote next (something that doesn’t even need to happen if the community votes no on this one).

As for how to assess relative priority, I’d say that’s a weakness of the current voting system in general, so that’s out of the scope of this discussion. A separate proposal for a new system for voting on relative priorities in a stack-ranked manner would be great, though! I would want to make sure it’s not restricted to items that existing teams have put on the roadmap, though.

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@lkngtn Thanks so much for considering this proposal. While I don’t agree with all of your conclusions, your thought process makes sense and I appreciate that you took the time to share your reasoning. I think you raised some important counterpoints on a few of the choices / implicit assumptions behind this proposal that people can consider when deciding.

@Aaron I agree with almost everything you had to say! Thanks so much for weighing in on this.

Oh, and one last thought. I intentionally didn’t respond to all of the questions @lkngtn raised because I really think that’s out of the scope of this proclamation.

Each of those choices remains open for debate if this is a general product direction people care about, so if the community voted no because of my guess at how any one of those dimensions would turn out if a team were funded to work on this later on, that would be a shame.

While the proclamation was rejected, I think it would be great to continue this discussion and map out some more specific user stories for a dedicated mobile app and what exactly the scope of the effort would be.

Personally I would love to see a dedicated Aragon Mobile app with the primary focus being on personal “smart” accounts. I don’t generally agree with the premise that you need a specific native app, especially not right now if you have a secure solution for key management tied to an app-browser of some sort.

With a solid foundation for key management first, a mobile native Aragon app may make sense for interactions via push notifications. But I think that can be done without creating a fully custom interface for each app seperate from the work that is already being done to make the aragon client and aragonUI mobile responsive.


Sure, I’d be happy to chat about this! Let me know if you’d like to hop in a Discord or hop on a call anytime. Otherwise we can keep the convo going here.

@lkngtn How do you reconcile these two comments: (1) “I would love to see a dedicated Aragon Mobile app” and (2) “I don’t generally agree with the premise that you need a specific native app”?

Glad to hear the idea of smart accounts for dapps is resonating!

I agree that there are approaches that could fully leverage the existing client/UI codebase, but I think the UI/UX for the existing Aragon apps would benefit from there being two competing designs the community can experiment with. There’s a higher chance of getting out of any local minima in design space that way, at least at this early stage. This approach would still allow for starting from any particularly useful React components, though.

I think that a dedicated Aragon mobile app would be useful because it could allow users to receive a notification when some event occurs and take action immediately from their phone. This feels like the ideal experience (setting aside security concerns around key management)… But I do not think that a specific mobile app to interact with the voting app makes sense.

As far as key management goes, Ideally I would like to see an Aragon Mobile account optimized around multi-factor authentication/ smart account management (with recovery options) and taking heavy advantage of Agent. I think we should expect that users may prefer to use a normal mobile wallet/app browser or other web3 source, but an mobile wallet/app browser designed to work with Aragon could offer the best experience for many organization workflows. (though it does seem like a massive undertaking to do right).

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Hi!!while on the paper it seems quite reasonable to have Aragon in the mobile I do understand the complexity of this as pointed by @lkngtn … but what about having just a “whistleblower” app that will notify you important events in the DAO’s you participate so you can jump in your desktop and interact with your DAO’s when needed?

I see this quite similar to Bisq’s approach, they have a quite complex application that should be run in desktop as independent app ,but rather than checking if there is any event relevant for your activity in the platform by opening the app, they recently made a simple mobile app that just connects to the users desktop app via a QR and notifies the user about relevant events, then the user goes to the desktop app and acts accordingly. Pretty convenient. Just my two pennies in this interesting debate. Have a great day you all!!