AGP Discussion: Nullify-AGP-43

AGP-43 was always meant to be temporary. The Aragon Association was always meant to be temporary. To help the Aragon Network moves towards a more decentralized model we would like to reduce teams’ dependence on the Aragon Association for their security needs. This does not mean that we do not value security! In fact, it means that we realize the complexity of the security review process and would like to give teams more flexibility to independently navigate that process.

To help Aragon teams become more independent we propose a model where the AA negotiates network wide discounts for Aragon developers, but then Aragon teams manage the security review process on their own. This would allow teams to independently manage their own security while also gaining the advantage of a network wide Aragon security discount. It’s the best of both worlds.

In the future we foresee independent DAOs emerging to provide support initiating and navigating the security review process. To move towards this goal we would like to remove the Aragon Association as the agent that initiates, manages, and pays for network wide security. Instead we would like the AA to focus on building relationships with trusted security partners. We will then extend that relationship to teams building on the network to provide discounts for Aragon teams. To facilitate this transition we will also create best practices and how-to guides around the security review process.

Link to the actual AGP on GitHub

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