AGP Discussion: Conviction Voting + Template


At the moment most DAOs are operating in a highly permission structures. The idea that a “DAO” is just a glorified/fancy multi-sig is fairly apt given the current landscape of DAOs that are operating today.

One of the reasons for that is that open/public organizations are risky. What if you let anyone in, how do you prevent the organization from being co-opted or attacked from within? The solution so far seems to be just don’t let anyone in… Focus on creating a strong initial set of members, be selective about who joins, and provide a means to exit or ragequit in the event that you end up disagreeing.

But the true potential for DAOs goes way beyond glorified multi-sigs. They should provide a way to coordinate and align large, fluid groups and get things done effectively without needing complex hierarchies, committees, or bureaucracies. It should be possible to spin up a DAO as an anonymous individual with just an idea, and if the idea is good enough it will take on a life of its own.

This proposal intends to deliver an organization template that is a significant step in that direction. By combining Aragon Fundraising to allow permissionless entry and segmentation of capital, and the time based capital allocation mechanism of Conviction Voting–we can provide similar guarantees around exit and incentive alignment that you see in Moloch/Dandelion style DAOs, but without the need to approve each new member.

As an aside, this idea is heavily inspired by and if this proposal is approved I expect it will be great opportunity to collaborate more closely with that community.


Open, permissionless organisations are the gold standard of DAOs. This proposal combines some of the most exciting R&D on Aragon for a long time!

Its kind of strange This thread isnt getting as much love as it deserves. Being so close to ANV4, all the noise around funding and the whole AGP process being in such flux probably goes quite a way to explaining it.

In any case, If the AA dosnt push this one through I will be throwing my full weight behind it in ANV6


Love this proposal. CV is one of the earliest new types of governance methods built from first principles, specifically designed for allocating funds between a wide array of proposals.

I love the work that has been done so far, and hope to see it continue!

Links to learn more about Conviction Voting: