AGP discussion: Association Budget for 2020

Hello everyone,

Creating this thread so we can discuss the Aragon Association Budget AGP :slight_smile:


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As this is currently written I’m not sure its possible for it to pass at all. When I calculated the requested amount yesterday using the methodology described here, the proposal represented approximately 99% of this quarters budget. Since then, due to volatility in treasury assets, the value of the treasury has decreased, likely pushing it over 100% by itself.

Its possible when the price is locked in to calculate the budget amount the treasury value will have increased enough that this proposal could theoretically make it through (such is crypto)… However, it would presumably still represent a very large fraction of the quarterly budget because it is attempting to fit a lump sum allocation for an entire years worth of expenses into a single quarterly budget period. And by taking up such a large fraction of the budget in order to secure a years worth of funding up front, such a proposal is incredibly disruptive to the cadence and periodic availability of funds to other contributors within the ecosystem.

My suggestion is to restructure this proposal to include both a one-time lump sum (if there is a need for front-loading some of the amount) and a recurring amount based on the expected operational needs of the AA. That way the impact can be spread across multiple budget periods, be more likely to pass, and not exhaust the entire budget for this period in one shot.

More generally, I would encourage the AA (and all proposers) to think about how their proposals fit into the larger picture, how it will impact the community, network, and ecosystem as a whole–both within a specific budget period and throughout subsequent budget periods.

Particularly for those like the AA in extremely powerful positions, I think it’s important to show leadership by engaging in the process in a way that helps rather than hinders other participants ability to engage effectively with the process. In a vacuum it may be desirable to secure a years worth of budget upfront, but within the larger context of the ecosystem that approach may be sub-optimal.


Thanks Luke! The AA takes that very seriously. It wants ANVs to be a space for collaboration and this includes the AA being collaborative first! Your suggestion to smooth out payments over multiple ANVs make a lot of sense to me.

Any other suggestion welcome!

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