AGP Discussion: Apiary Activity Feed


Currently interacting with Aragon is very organization-centric experience. You navigate to a specific organization, wait for it to load, navigate to a specific application, wait for it to load, and maybe there will be a new vote or a recent finance transfer that appears.

This workflow is designed around the idea that one person will interact with one organization frequently. They will go into the Aragon client and manage or check out their specific organization. However, much of the activity for people actively using DAOs (Across Aragon, Moloch, and Daostack daos) happens through contextual, social interactions. These organizations are like online communities (forums, telegram groups, github organizations) but with shared resources and allocation processes.

With that in mind we would like create a more social experience for interacting with Aragon organizations, and the work we have already done on Apiary will allow us to deliver this experience relatively quickly and cost effectively by integrating Apiary’s indexed data with 3box threads api.

We will organize all of the activity across all of the organizations a user is interested in and present this as an activity feed, with elements like Votes and Bounties being funded. And we will add contextual discussions associated to each of these elements, so that users don’t need to go into a specific org or even a specific app to see the most recent activity or what needs their attention, and they also don’t need to go to discourse or github to discuss a particular proposal.