AGP Discussion: AGP Authorship Rewards Program

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AGP Authorship Rewards Program

Address of the transfer recipient

Future AGP authors and contributors

Amount of the transfer

1000 ANT

Number and frequency of transfers if recurring (enter “1” if only one payment will be made)


Purpose of the transfer

Aragon is a decentralized governance platform. AGPs are the foundation of the governance process. Engaging in governance is hard. It takes lots of time, emotional energy, and time. There is currently no motivation to engage in AGP discussions or author AGPs other than altruism or personal interest. This greatly reduces the amount of proposals that are put forward.

To address this we need to reward AGP authors. They are doing the Aragon community a service by engaging in discussions, packing ideas into AGPs, receiving community feedback, modifying AGPs, and ultimately realizing the Aragon community’s ideas in a tangible manner. AGPs are one of the most important aspects of the Aragon community so 1000 ANT seems like a healthy amount to get more people’s attention focused on AGPs, both in authorship and diligence.

To make this process concrete, AGP authorship rewards would be as follows:

  • 300 ANT to the author of an AGP that is approved by the Aragon community and AA for an upcoming ANV
  • 200 ANT to contributors of an AGP that is approved by the Aragon community and AA for an upcoming ANV
  • 300 ANT to the author of an AGP that is approved by ANT voters
  • 200 ANT to contributors of an AGP that is approved by ANT voters

This will require all AGP authors to list contributors to the AGP. To keep things simple contributor rewards will be split equally between all contributors. While this does not account for the fact that some contributors will have done more work than others, it’s a major step forward from the current process. If a community member has contributed a lot they can be listed as a co-author and the authorship reward can be split between co-authors. This will encourage collaboration by rewarding and recognizing community members who contribute to AGP conversations.

In order to receive authorship or contributor rewards authors and/or contributors must add an Ethereum address to the AGP where they wish to receive rewards.

Recipient information

Future AGP authors and contributors.

I’m not sure it makes sense to reward proposals which make it through the AA review process because that review process should ideally be fairly passive.

I’m also not sure it makes sense to reward authors/contributors for approved proposals because proposals generally already have some intrinsic value to the proposer if they pass (wether its a finance proposal or just a change in policy that they prefer). But I don’t really have super strong feeling one way or the other on this.

I also think, while normally I prefer proposals to be unbundled, I think this could benefit from being merged with the other proposal on authorship standards, as it is sort of a dependency for this proposal and its also probably not super valuable to formalize unless there is a process like this one which requires that formalization.

That is a good point. Thinking was that passing the review periods disqualifies any completely spammy proposals. Now that we have a community review period, and then an AA review period, if a proposal makes it through both review periods it could be assumed that it is adding some value to the community. I should probably change the AGP to be more specific about that vs just saying “AA” approval.

Overall, however, AGPs are the foundation of Aragon. It takes a lot of time and energy to engage in governance, and it’s one of the most important things about the platform. Incentivizing more people to participate, even just signalling that it’s something the community values, is really important.

I was thinking that too… but perhaps the community feels like authorship standards would be good to put in place, but not authorship rewards? This way ANT holders can choose 1 or both. In the (unexpected) case that ANT holders choose authorship rewards and not authorship standards, then it would be up to each author to just list contributors somewhere in the AGP - which might be a bit unorganized, but not that big of a deal.