AGP discussion: Adding the Survey app to the Aragon Network DAO for signaling


  • Surveys will be created the same day the Aragon Network Vote opens, alongside other ballots. The difference is their duration will be 30 days. This amount of time is chosen since it’s non-binding, and you don’t have to act on surveys right away. 30 days is also enough time to gather data to prepare an AGP for the subsequent network vote. At the same time, the survey opening the same day that the Aragon Network Vote begins will make it easier for participants that are already participating in the more binding AGP votes.
  • I think a new track is needed in AGP-1 for “Survey”.
  • We have to determine how we curate what can get added as a survey.
  • The Survey app needs to actually be working and on Mainnet to fully execute this AGP. Based on this PR it seems close, but it’s unclear.
  • Surveys are non-binding, there is nothing that would prevent a survey author from submitting a real AGP if the survey had poor results, it would just be up to the AGP curators to then decide whether it gets included.

Based on feedback, the state of the Survey app, and whether this actually makes sense, I will draft an AGP (co-authors welcome).

The curation mechanism may be the most complicated. We may have to limit the number of Surveys per voting cycle so as not to overwhelm ANT holders. It’s unclear this can all be hashed out in a week. So it’s possible this may not make it in as an AGP until ANV-4.

Inspired by some thoughts in this thread & also because Autark is interested in ANT signals for some product decisions (as specified in our AGP).


A few quick thoughts:

  • I would keep the Survey app separate from the AGP process. We can give the Survey app legitimacy by agreeing here as a community to adopt it and focus attention on this specific instance, and put links to it in the Wiki and other places people look for governance info. Since the results aren’t binding anyways I see no need to involve the AGP process.

  • I would make the surveys open on a rolling basis rather than starting at a specific time (like when AGPs start). The AGP-10 org has been fully open and hasn’t seen any issues. With 30 day windows, as long as someone checks once a month they will see and have a chance to vote on every proposal.

  • Regarding curation, we have noticed that there haven’t been many issues with keeping the agp10 org open. Maybe that can also be the case with the Survey app. As more curation tools come online (such as the Court, and an app demo I saw recently that required a deposit to create proposals) we could adopt one of them as an additional security measure.

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I like your ideas a lot!

I was actually think the AGP10 DAO might be a better DAO for this.

Since that seems pretty low fit then, think this can still be a valid AGP for ANV-3?

Actually, it looks like adding apps to AGP10 is protected by an ANT holder vote. Does it make sense to just go through that process instead of an AGP?

That’s a great question. I suppose given the way permissions in the org are set up, that would be totally possible. It expands the use of that particular org beyond its initial purpose, but if ANT holders agree to approve the proposal to add the Survey app, I don’t see why not. And yeah it would not require an AGP to do this since the agp10 org is already set up with its own permissions.

cc @anteater

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I think Surveys should be added and legitimized as part of the official AGP process and potentially replace the Proclamations track entirely.

The survey app allows for questions which are not strictly yes or no, which can be important in assessing the views of a constituency in a more meaningful way.

Consider the following:

  • Do you support adopting “lock voting” into the AGP process?
    (Yes) (No)
  • How should the AGP process be adjusted to minimize the risks of “Bad Voters”?
    (It shouldnt change) (We should adopt lock voting) (We should adopt something else)

I like the idea of keeping the surveys open for 30 days, and I would also love to see the proposal submission cycle increased as well (new surveys potentially every 30 days rather than approximately ever 90 days). This would help create more continuous engagement and allow Flock teams to be more responsible and agile to the needs and wants of ANT holders.

It would also allow the process to be used by AGP proposers to refine their proposals.

We could certainly do this as part of the AGP-10 org, but I think the visibility and legitimacy of the official AGP process is something that we should extend to surveys.


I like your analysis and suggestions. Now I am being swayed back to having the AGP for the Survey app to be added to the governance DAO.

What do others think? Is ANV-3 a good time to submit this AGP?

I don’t think we have a solution yet for who would have the permissions to create the Surveys though.

A clarification on the technical side, the only thing missing from the Survey frontend is a way for users to add new polls. This can (and has traditionally) been done via a CLI script.

Previous attempts to prioritize this have failed, but if this makes it onto a passed AGP it should likely be enough motivation to update the app to the new design system and add in this missing write functionality.


Great to hear @sohkai!

So everyone, i was thinking more about MVP permission and curation process so this AGP can make it into ANV-3.

A committee with the following members will be created that will be granted permission to the CREATE_SURVEYS_ROLE:

  • One Autark Member
  • One Aragon One Member
  • One Aragon Black Member
  • One Aragon Association Member

These 4 members above will be elected by each team (e.g. Autark decides which Autark member to add to the committee). These 4 committee members will review applicants for a 5th member, which is a community member unaffiliated with the 4 teams.

… Or alternatively, members of the “Nest DAO” will have the CREATE_SURVEYS_ROLE, if that is created.

We create a “Survey” repo in the Aragon organization on Github where anyone can post Survey requests. If the request gets at least 2 thumbs up emojis from the committee members, the survey will be added in the next batch.

The surveys will be released in batches, with 28 day durations, once a month, on the fourth Thursday of the month. Committee members cycle through which person creates the ballots, so each person will be responsible for manually processing of 2-3 ballot batches in a year (until size of committee changes or process changes).

This model above allows us to have some kind of initial plan, and ANV-4 can be used to revise the governance of the CREATE_SURVEYS_ROLE.

[UPDATE: Due to finalizing the Autark proposal, I won’t have time to create an AGP for this for ANV-3. Anyone else is welcome to take the lead if they feel the time is right for ANV-3.]


Will try and get one in based on this, but cannot promise anything due to some other commitments today. If anyone else is reading this and would like to take the lead I’m happy to support as well.

I created the AGP:

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