AGP-73: Flock Funding for Autark

Brett meant I01 in AGP-19, which is Cross App UX :slight_smile: We definitely agree that iteration on Open Enterprise important! As far as our new AGP goes, we consider Open Enterprise initiatives being I01 - I03, so you can definitely see there’s quite a bit of emphasis in delivering features that we hope will increasingly satisfy users!

I think we should discuss this in more detail with @sohkai and @Quazia for how we want to handle this. Autark will do what is best! Finance is a really critical and sensitive application with respect to contracts. As far as how we want to share the ownership, a first step can be we take on ownership of the Frontend, as soon as we begin development on I03 – if everyone thinks that is best.

Since the contract changes are super super important, an internal audit from Aragon One on the changes we make in I03 would be nice, before we hand off to security.

I think longer-term maintenance of the contracts is probably something that doesn’t have that high coordination costs, and I assume we will want to limit the upgrades after I03 goes through a security audit. So contract changes should be more collectively planned, right?

Regardless, I feel like we can sort this out outside the AGP, right?

:raised_hands: Based on all the feedback, we separated the initiatives in our “projected capacity” section, so hopefully that adds more clarity to everyone!

Glad you think I05 and I08 are important – we are super excited to deliver both of these!