AGP-11 Discussion: Aragon Association 2019 Budget

Wanted to start a discussion thread for the Aragon Association 2019 Budget.

Personally this feels reasonable, I would be interested in understanding how much was budget for Events versus Legal.

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Thanks for the question and comment.

Legal is budgeted at CHF138,000, with the goal of not reaching anywhere close to that! Events has a contract position with CHF34,500 as the budget, but does not include the event itself as Aracon 2019 was pre-budgeted and Aracon 2020 will go into the 2020 AGP or, better, in its own AGP should we want to organize it and should ANT holders deem it reasonable to do so.

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Thanks for the clarification!

Agree that I think it would be great for future Aracon events to got through the AGP process!