Adjustment payment process: Disintermediation of ESD Govern

Note: Finance Squad already executed this new process (with consent of the ESD) and now aims to formalize it, by posting it on the forum via a proposal to provide transparency.

Current payment situation

In the current payment process it is required to schedule and execute the transaction first via AN DAO Govern (with a challenge period of 5 days) towards ESD Govern (which has a challenge period of 7 days). After it ran twice through Aragon Govern, funds can be sent towards the ESD Multisig (in Gnosis) and the transaction will execute after 3 out of 5 approvals of the multisig signers.


The above mentioned process is inefficient and contains a higher chance of delay, due to multiple actions in Govern that can accidentally trigger Govern errors. The only “reason” to run a transaction twice through Govern is that it is described in the Charter.

Proposed solution

Therefore, this proposal simplifies the payment process as it directly sends funds from AN DAO Govern towards the ESD Multisig, by disintermediating ESD Govern steps. The process will then flow as follows:

This new proposed process is more efficient as:

  • It still provides the community enough time to challenge transactions as Govern is still used (due to the 5 day delay)
  • ESD has still an ultimate say in finalizing the transaction, as they are 3 out of the 5 Multisig signers
  • Number of actions in Aragon Govern will be halved, which reduce the chance of delays (due to Aragon Govern errors)

As stated above, Finance squad already tested this new process once (with consent from the ESD) and can confirm that this new payment process is more efficient.

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In your flow diagram the “7 day delay for community to challenge the transaction” should be shown between ESD Schedule and Execute stages

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Fair point, adjusted