Address Book Questions and Feedback

would the address book be similar to this:

Yeah it’s actually just an out of date spreadsheet atm. Feel free to jump in and add yourself and/or update any relevant information. In the future we might move it into a more user friendly format, but that’s TBD lol

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There is lots of space underneath the Team name. This would be good to show the grants the teams received in $ + link to the proposals ?

Yeah. We started to explore that in the Nest Analysis and Strategy report/project. Not sure if the directory itself should have all the info on the teams or just the contact info. Also not sure if it makes sense to keep the directory as a Google Sheet or to create a forum category where the community can edit wikis. Open to suggestions here.

my suggestion is to do the same with teams as with daos or apps. every post a different team

Alright cool let’s give it a shot. My initial impression is that this could be distracting as we want to focus on products and users - but if people use Aragon products want to reach out to the teams who build them to ask questions then there needs to be a clear way to do that. Created a Teams category for this.

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Now the Apps can be linked to the Forum Team post and the Team post can be linked to the Teams Address book and the Team DAO. ?

I don’t understand the question. Is there something you need from me, or are you just saying that now it will be easier to find information by linking threads to other threads in the forum?