Address Book for Aragon Network contributors

Address Book for Aragon Teams

It was brought up a few times recently that Aragon teams should have a resource aggregating contacts and roles from each team member or voluntary contributor in the network.

The goal here is to have a go-to place when looking for the right person to reach out to in order to ask a questions or collaborate.

The following sheet is an MVP for this address book. If used an relevant, we could later move the Address Book into Aragon DAOs using a combination of profiles/TPS Address Book.

There are 3 different tabs: Flock, Nest and Community. All active contributors are invited to input their own information in the right tab under their team name. Feel free to add missing rows.

Permissions will be left open for modification and I will keep a copy of this sheet to make sure its safe. It is a good practice to update the Address Book once in two months at least.

Open to getting feedback. It would help if the sheet was shared directly within team chats.


Great initiative :slightly_smiling_face:


This would be really great! I want to reach out to people to talk about ideas on how to make documentation more cohesive for all Aragon apps, but have no idea who to talk to. Something like this would help immensely :slight_smile:

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On that precisely I think @light’s working groups could help a lot. But I guess we’ll see how things go and hope we’ll end up implementing formally.

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Where’s the AA in this directory? NVM, found it. On the Community tab.