Adding functionality to a minime token

Is it possible to add functions / transfer restrictions to the MiniMe token ?

Yes. Autark is working on it cc @quazia

Yeah, I can Link you to the code it’s fairly simple. We opted for a function to set the Oracle so that the Token manager was backwards compatible. Right now we only have one Oracle developed for it, a very simple whitelist one. Going to be developing a whitelist/blacklist as well. Is there a specific use case you had in mind?

Thanks for the reply. I’d like to add some additional functionality in transfer so that Aragon DAOs can issue security tokens under SEC Rule 701, i.e. pay DAO contributors in equity.

The new logic would look something like this:

function transfer(address _to,
uint256 _amount,
uint256 value_shares, // USD value of shares being transferred
uint256 total_assets, // USD value of organization’s total assets
uint256 outstanding_securities) // USD value of
returns (bool success) { …

happy to provide more detail. Thank you!

Yeah, modifying the transfer function is sort of outside of what you can do with the onTransfer hook. I’d be happy to jump on a call sometime to talk over your use case.

Agreed. I wouldn’t modify transfer under any circumstances. If there’s another compatible standard we want to support that could make sense

@Quazia Slightly off topic - but could you explain to me the purpose of the onTransfer and onApprove callbacks in the MiniMe? I am planning to integrate with Aragon and will use the MiniMe to do so, however am considering removing these callbacks on the TokenController to remove necessity for the controller to implement this interface, and the possibility of a reentrancy