#ACPP-1 & #ACGP-4 Discussion Thread


vote q’s

(Aragon Cooperative Payment Proposal -ACPP)

“I agree to the Aragon Cooperative DAO (ACD) transferring funds from our mainnet Vault to the preferred eth address of @julian_brooks for 6 days completed work (May 1st-16th), transacting as ACD Coordinator, at the AGP-40 agreed rate of 300DAI per Human Working Day. A total of 1800DAI (6 x 300)”


(Aragon Cooperative Governance Proposal - ACGP)

“I agree that the Aragon Cooperative DAO (ACD) coordination work carried out by @julian_brooks fulfils the agreed AGP-40 mandate, and that @julian_brooks should continue transacting with ACD in this role until the end of June 2019. #ACPP-1 & #ACGP-4 Discussion Thread


[EDIT] - Both votes ‘rejected’:
ACPP-1 #Vote 19 (5/5 votes cast) Quorum 26.09% (25% needed)
ACGP-4 #Vote 20 (2/8 votes cast) Quorum 8.7% (25% needed) ?!


cool Julian! Hope the best for you with this!

I will propose later my requirement for payment! As I told you, as I told you in private, I prefer to complete the report of my own work here and attach it to the vote…


BTW, and just for creating the proper context for the rest of the community…

we were trying to set up a process through a tool functionality to validate our delivered work, we couldn’t find any ready-to-mainnet Aragon feature (payroll AragonOne app is not ready yet, neither the TPS allocation) that would allow us to do it…
Se we decided to go for requesting payments directly from the finance app (as Julian just did).
As a workarround I only thought about the Giveth Dapp as a way to intermediate the payment so having the validation of a trusted member of the Coop (e.g. Flock Teams and AA employees, or even from the Community Multi-sig), but the people that I introduced the subject, but this was proposal was not very popular among the people I introduced the idea.
Therefore we decided to proceed in this way (although I prefer to prepare a proper report just for being extra sure that the community will approve :smiley: ).

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Hi Gus, yes, this came from our discussion with @lkngtn yesterday - it was suggested as the best current option. Thank you for highlighting this.

I’ll be putting together a document listing the accomplishments achieved so far over the last few weeks and sharing that with our members (happy to do so on here too).

Am actually really looking forward to having an open discussion about how things have been, and where we think they are/should be going.

P.S. could perhaps be a possible 3rd vote option to consider…

“If a Coop Coordinator election is triggered either/both coordinators should continue in their respective roles until the end of May (4 further HWD’s paid at 300DAI p.d.).”

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Hi @Julian,

I believe you had been busy the last few days organising everything, which is excellent! Thank you for taking the lead and again, pushing these initiatives.

Before voting in any of these two, could you sum up the work of the coop and your involvement with it on why pass ACPP-4? For ACPP-1, could you sum up the achievements of the weeks described? Please be brief; less is more! A bullet point with the highlights of the week would be enough.

In the future, it would be incredibly helpful to have a way to communicate or share these achievements, as sometimes if one is unable to review the forums or other channels for a couple of days, it’s almost impossible to keep track of what was achieved.


Trying to access the app from my mobile but I’m stuck in endless loading loop. Any ideas why?

It has taken me a bit of time to process what has been going on in the cooperative, but based on my observation on both the chat and the forum, I am not feeling very inspired to be part of the organization in its current state. There is a lot of bickering in multiple directions and this didn’t exactly exist before capital entered the picture.

One problem with the AGP was it was very last minute, and two people who have never truly collaborated with one another assigned themselves to receive regular weekly pay. The AGP had a list of deliverables — but it didn’t have a list of duties. I think deliverables are meaningless without a community that wants to uphold them. Based on the meeting minutes, the second cooperative meeting had 20% turnout compared to the first, and I honestly did not feel drawn to participate.

I think a body like the cooperative can be a healthy addition to the Aragon ecosystem. But I think for this to work, the funds that were allocated to the cooperative should be governed by the membership base without any expectations that they should be allocated for coordination (4 days a week to Gus/Julian). I think they should be paid for their work to date, and Gustavo set a solid example of reporting. I think the finance app + link to the markdown hash will be sufficient, and no Giveth dapp needed.

In my opinion, I think that going forward, work should be proposed beforehand and any coop member should have a right to create funding proposals. Hence I think the funds should be governed more like the community funding DAO does, yet for coop members.

I think a good use of those funds will be compensating people for their time curating CF DAO proposals, creating on-boarding and help documentation for new Aragon members, coordinating meetings, taking minutes, and building tools to analyze upcoming votes. These are activities that I feel will increase participation and give the cooperative some true purpose beyond developing governance documents. I think that the deliverables outlined in the AGP will work themselves over the time, assuming there is a lively, collaborative and welcoming community.


I could not agree more. Posted some thoughts on the Cooperative’s recent work and how we might move forward in the future here. Overall, I think it’s essential that all Cooperative members are compensated for their work and that there is space for the community to get involved and contribute. We have the tools to make it happen with minimal overhead, and AGP-40 says that we’re going to lead by example, so let’s create a better model that empowers the Cooperative community to thrive.

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thank you Julian, as long as you do this I think the community (as myself) will be ok in approving your request for payment. BTW, there is the reporting DRtracer repository for you to use, if you don’t like the format I proposed, I think that’s ok, still I think is the proper repository for you to upload that document. I’m trusting you will do thr proper thing here, so I’m giving you a ‘Yes’ on ACPP-1.

Regarding #ACGP-4, well, I feel this was a nice experiment so far, one with interesting outcomes and insights and we certainly need to think about pivoting the original intentions of AGP-40. I’ll be honest here… I didn’t really like the work executed this last week, neither yours, neither mine…

I felt too much attachment from your side to the coordinator roll and this was preventing an smooth collaboration with myself and with other Coop members, I admit I was kind of induced by it so felt into that distraction. This made me apply too much time and mental resources to Aragon this week, but no tangible deliverable, and this made me sad.

I’m now agreeing definitely with this:

So my vote to #ACGP-4 will be NO. Sorry, but this is what I think is the best for the Cooperative.

Regarding my own work, well I came with an slightly dirrerent proposal: http://forum.aragon.org/t/vote-21-22-discussion-thread-request-for-payment-gustavo-segovia-as-aragoncoordinatio-labours/964
Would like to mantain sepparate conversations regarding this… :smile:


Some thoughts on what that might look like here

Hi all, as per above, an outline of my Aragon Cooperative DAO transactions from last week are here.

Details from previous weeks’ work forthcoming when I find some time (hopefully tomorrow).

@jjperezaguinaga - Thanks for your comments, appreciated…does the above doc work for you now, or is it still ‘too much information’?

@sepu85 - a disappointing and unnecessary comment (above). I perceive nothing in the work I produced and linked to above, to not like.

Nonetheless, HT for the DRTracer doc

As the proposal being voted on is:

“I agree that the Aragon Cooperative DAO (ACD) coordination work carried out by @julian_brooks fulfils the agreed AGP-40 mandate, and that @julian_brooks should continue transacting with ACD in this role until the end of June 2019. #ACPP-1 & #ACGP-4 Discussion Thread

I could be missing context on this, but I think @sepu85 should feel free to voice his opinion on this, indeed one may even say it is necessary since he has more information about the situation than most. We may ask for more details about why he feels this way, but let’s not stifle him or anyone else from expressing their opinions on governance questions.


ok, fair enough, apologies.

I’m not attempting to stifle discussion, more a comment on the passing of judgment in something that @sepu85 had evidently minimal knowledge and awareness of…

I do prefer communication to remain civil.

Just created a proposal to make this happen.

I would also like to see these things happen. Hopefully a more structured process will help us focus on doing the things we want to do. We have a lot of potential, we just need to focus.

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