Accessing the front-end of my dApp from IPFS

Hey guys,

I am a front-end dev, currently planning an idea for a DAO with my team. I have been working through the tutorial here -

Forgive my noob-ness, I was wondering if someone can explain to me how to:

  1. View the Content that is deployed on IPFS?
  2. Access the code from IPFS so that I can display the counter app on a custom domain.

Here is what I have in my command line after running aragon apm publish major:

Successfully published kuiper-testing.aragonpm.eth v6.0.0: 
 ℹ Contract address: 0xE6D1497b94372F6A297cC084d1ec41A53Aa19179
 ℹ Content (ipfs): QmWgBYtapaWgMiAvjdiCynvHMQJ2LK5Dh8aPc7RbMY1TVy
 ℹ Transaction hash: 0x2017977e6f833dcccfadee6b12e3054b14640507613a1078c77e8c4fe9ae1060

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


@Grib It’d be great to take this over to the’s #dev-help channel (, but in general you’ll probably want to run aragon run to launch the Aragon client with the app you’ve developed, or use a dao install command to install your published app onto a testnet or mainnet organization you control.

Will do @sohkai! Ill jump over to now. Thank you brother.