Accelerated vesting for team members?


It seems that Sabliers got cancelled and unvested funds were sent to team members to allow them to instant redeem.

Here are the multisigs:

  • 0x7be06ab3b9ffa23b5503a041b075d4fea53988ad : 145k ANT (132k accelerated)
  • 0x4abb2157f8c5f9bc4685aef735fb74949a24eaab: 29k ANT (27k accelerated)
  • 0x732b44d169e0975689d69083fd1cbc9b33a5b2b5: 140k ANT (126k accelerated)
  • 0x498bcac18f658fca316fe69da77e7b54a4c6a7a2: 277k ANT (241kaccelerated)
  • 0x5ab7a3cc81ba9e239be01821fcd9218476950170: 167k ANT (148k accelerated)
  • 0xc88b73fb980d3d360455e6ef50d7c63b1111ed5f: 70k ANT (63k accelerated)

0x4ab sent out even more ANT that the cancelled amount (114k ANT).

It’s around 5M$. Quite a payday, and I think it would have been enough to restart a new DAO (oh no they don’t like DAOs)/non-profit. Seems like the ones who made the most profit out of the operation were the team.

on top of:

  1. withholding $11m for legal expenses

  2. claiming $8.5m / 4k ETH from the redemption contract - Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

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lots of clawbacks against these individuals for the legal case, in the event that the AA refuses to negotiate a more equitable redemption value that doesn’t favor them so one sidedly.