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Sketching out ideas on how to format threads so that theyโ€™re useful for people.


  • Name: description of value prop


  • One paragraph explaining the template from a high level


  • deployment stage: local, Rinkeby, Mainnet
  • link to GitHub repo
  • link to docs and/or team website

User Guide

  • explanation on how to use the template

Use Cases

  • potential use cases for the template
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@burrrata ,

  1. Is it possible to create a template that is derived from the standard Dandelion one that has ALL permissions assigned to single, specific account address - for the convenience of setting up new DAOs and experimenting by me in these single member DAOs on Rinkeby?

  2. Is possible to script the exercise of the DAO creation by using the template in #1? ie do it from the CLI?

Update 1:

Om my Fedora 31 Linux workstation I have just run:

npx create-aragon-app app

but am getting a whole lot of errors - I will start looking at them to see if there is anything obvious (I donโ€™t know much about js yet).


The best place to ask for support on technical questions like that is the Aragon Discord support channel.

Yep, did that . . making progress . .