About the Aragon Apps category

A place for information and discussions around all the cool Aragon apps that are shipped to Rinkeby and/or Mainnet :slight_smile:

All new topics in this category will be populated with the following template. Please add as much relevant information as possible. If you see a thread that is missing info, please find it and add it.

The title of the post should follow this format:

  • Name: description of core feature

Everything below is a placeholder for information about the app that should be in this wiki post.


  • Deployment Stage: local, Rinkeby, Mainnet
  • Security Audit Status: (if audited link to audit report, otherwise list as unaudited)
  • GitHub Repo: name of repo
  • Developed By: [Team Name](link to team website)

TL;DR of status (alpha, beta, working, production ready)


  • One paragraph explaining the app for a high level

User Guide

  • explanation on how to use the app

Use Cases

  • potential use cases for the apps

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