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Discussion about Aragon Governance Proposals (AGPs) and the AGP process itself.

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I think it would make sense to add: :gear: for Meta / :classical_building:Association / :dollar: Finance / :loudspeaker: Proclamation in front of the titles and also as a Tag. and It would be nice to have tags for the different stages an AGP is in like 1. Stage, 2. Stage etc. and perhaps also tags like :white_check_mark: Approved and :x: rejected.

So for example a AGP in stage 2 in Meta would have the title 2 / :gear: AGP 324 Title And Tags: “Stage 2” “:gear: Meta”

or an AGP which got rejected in Association would have the title :x: / :classical_building: AGP 322 Title and Tags: “:x: rejected” “:classical_building:Association”