About fees on creating a DAO and how to enable it on a website


I’m trying to create a DAO to allow apps. I can see that the Rinkeby testnet has their fees in order to create a DAO. The question is: Is it the same fees on mainet or higher. Please someone answer it, becuase i have this kind of doubtness and i don’t want to lose unnecesarily my money by trying to create a DAO.

Also i need to know how can i enable that DAO to a website i have created.

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Hey! :slight_smile:

Thanks for trying Aragon. As far as I know the cost to deploy a DAO to Ethereum is the same whether it’s on Rinkeby or Mainnet. The thing to take into consideration is the ETH fees, not whatever dollar amounts your wallet (probably Metamask) happen to display. This will allow you to calculate the fees.

Unfortunately, however, I do not believe that we have benchmarks for the gas fees for various DAO templates. Will look into this and get back to you.

I’m not exactly sure what you mean here. Can you please explain in more detail?

Also, just out of curiosity, what made you want to try Aragon and what type of DAO are you deploying?

I mean, once created the DAO contract, there would be a Web 3.0 code to insert to a template for any website and run it without any issue. Or isn’t it?

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We do not currently have benchmarks for Aragon DAO gas fees. There is an open RFP for Aragon Gas Cost Documentation to address this. Will circle back once we have those numbers.

At the moment Aragon One and Autark have portals that hose Aragon DAOs. These allow you to create a DAO via a few Ethereum transactions. After that it should “just work.”

Rinkeby (free for testing)

Mainnet (costs ETH to deploy to production)

For details on each of these portals and/or how to host your own I’d recommend reaching out to @jorge at Aragon One or @stellarmagnet at Autark.

Does that answer your question?

Ok. I could see that running many DAOs at the same time in a PC with a 2 GB RAM could waste my money if i would run it in the mainnet. I could see it while i’ve tried to create a DAO for an Organization many times and all tx were foul due no space in memory RAM.

I’m honestly not quite sure what you’re referring to here. Are you saying that your computer did not have enough RAM to load an Aragon DAO in the browser and display information? Also, why would you need or want to run multiple DAOs at the same time?

No, i’m not that greedy. LOL :sweat_smile:

I mean, i cannot run some DAO Templates; like that Organization Template, due the RAM space in the testnet. That would gives me many problems when i decide to create a DAO in the mainnet with a template which requires a huge space in the RAM. Indeed, here where i’m living, the connection speed is very slow and has issues.

So, if i could choose a template, i would rate for a Fundraising or an Open Organization. Not needing many DAOs at the same time if just one would be enough necessary…

Unfortunately, I’m still not sure what you’re saying. Is it that the block gas limit on Rinkeby doesn’t allow you to deploy a template, or that your browser is running out of RAM and the connection is slow so the DAO isn’t loading, or something else entirely?

Probably the block gas limit on Rinkeby. But the second one is most probably. Maybe both. My Workplace’s PC is the principal responsible of all.

In other hand, ¿how much sizes a DAO if i choose one of the following three: Organization, Open Organization or Fundraising?

I don’t understand the question. What do you mean when you say “sizes?”