A Poll App to ease voting question selection

Here at @EthBuenosAires came up with the idea of adding a Poll App in the DAO creation mechanism. As discussed in other topics, asking people too many questions too often can discourage them from participation, even with an economic incentive for voting.
With this Poll App, DAO creator(s) can present some Topics and options for the users to score (voluntarily and with some anonymization procedure beyond the scope of this idea), so they can perform more educated votings thereafter. A data analysis layer could be added on top of this, if needed.

To keep the post short, a (little) more detailed discussion together with a proof of concept can be found in the link below. Integration into Aragon token/voting scheme could be worked on from there.

@flavioc Have you had a chance to play around with the new Survey app, I think a lot of what you have suggested in terms of polling can be accomplished that.

I think the only thing missing is perhaps a way to add metadata to accounts when initially setting up a DAO so that the survey results could be pivoted based on metadata?