A few questions and suggestions

-How does Aragon avoid misuse of capital when funding projects/initiatives? I read somewhere in the forum that there had been times when people requested funding but failed to deliver or underdelivered. Do project contributors receive money upfront or the funds are streamed via e.g superfluid or alternative methods?

-Any plan to add liquidity to layer 2s? Ant is mostly on CEXes and a couple of DEXes. of the few DEXes where ANT is listed, all are L1s, and no L2 if I’m not mistaken. Meaning potential buyers will incur additional charges due to the higher cost of trading on L1. This would probably discourage those that plan on buying in small chunks.

If the plan to maintain ANt liquidity on L1 is in anticipation that sharding is around the corner then fine. Even though I don’t think it’s the best thing to do because Sharding could be further delayed just like other Ethereum upgrades.

-I read about the ambassador program on discord and believe that having advocates would indeed help in fostering the adoption of Araogon products. However, the idea of relying on an invite-only process to have advocates in all cities and towns across the world doesn’t sound practical, at least to me. I mean it’ll probably take “forever” to attain the program’s objectives via invite-only.

I believe Aragon needs alternative methods if it wants to attain its goals in time.
A few ideas I have in mind:

*Create bounties for Ambassador hunters. For instance, if someone (ambassador hunter) knows a DAOist that can qualify as an ambassador and refers the person to Aragon, they get a reward/bounty. But this only happens if the Ambassador they referred has worked with Araogon for a specified duration, otherwise, the hunters don’t get the bounty.

*Create an ambassador outline and allow people to apply, but do it in a way that you won’t be overwhelmed with applications. How so? By providing detailed, clear, and strict guidelines for who qualifies as an ambassador. And in case Aragon feels they’re receiving slightly more applications than they expected, they could set a limit to the number of applications they’re prepared to handle per week, month, quarterly, etc. I’m sure there’s always a workaround to avoid low-quality applications. It’s just a matter of experimenting with different ways to see what works best.

-I’m a huge fan of Aragon how-to guides because I believe DAO education will become increasingly important over time. Given that the web3 community holds Aragon in high esteem, I thought it was necessary to point out a few things:

I went through this article and noticed it’s just a rehash of what has already been written in the previous articles in the same section ( governance and coordination). It’s not a good experience when you click a link to an article hoping to read something new only to find out you’ve already read it in the same section.

Again, a chunk of content from this article was repeated in this one. The article headlines themselves are more or less the same (building or growing a community is the same thing and involves management). One of the articles is an extension/continuation of the other. So it’s better to label them as part 1 and part 2, and then remove the duplicate content.

Now that the Aragon app is out, there are likely going to be more people reading these guides. I think everything should be done to keep them interested. Certain practices can deter readers and also have a negative impact on the authority of the website (think SEO). This can, in turn, cause highly ranked keywords to move down the ranks of google.

Regarding the accuracy of the information on the Aragon How-tos, I suggest adding a “suggestion button” for others to suggest changes /corrections. Many publications do this and I think it’s particularly important for a platform that publishes web3 content with heaps of unorthodox terminology. Considering the fast-evolving nature of web3, this would reduce the workload on editors who have to constantly update the content.

Is there a reason for not displaying author names alongside the how-to articles they write? I believe contributors are likely to act more responsibly if they know that their names will be displayed on the content they create. Plus, it also helps DAO builders and even internal contributors to know who to reach out to if they have a question regarding a particular topic.

-Will Aragon continue to post bounties on Dework or everything will be done internally by the various guilds/teams? Asking because I’m a web3 enthusiast/writer and always on the lookout for content bounties.

-Finally, would like to notify the community that I picked one of the latest how-to content bounties on dework and wrote on it voluntarily. completed the article and submitted it to @fmurphy. Based on our last discussion, he read the article but needed another person to further review it. Didn’t hear back from him for whatever reason. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that many contributors left Aragon within the past couple of months? In any case, here’s a link to the article. @Samantha , you might want to check it out.

Hey @Vallery, great questions!

This is an industry wide issue, we have implemented more security measures around the proposal process. Opting to be more proactive in how we secure the project than attempting to be reactive when it comes to allocating funds.

There are no plans to move ANT to any L2s. ANT is currently strictly a governance token. If you would like to trade ANT in small amounts that it totally up to you.

We tried opening the Ambassador program to be an application process. This led to an extreme amount of overhead for the team and the quality of applicants wasnt at the level we would like for our Ambassadors. In addition the Ambassador program is being deprecated and replaced by a hub program. Identifying communities that could benefit from our products, aligned with our mission, and have the knowledge, skills and network to help advocate for DAOs. We want to recognize those who are actively contributing to the space not just those who apply blindly to everything they can in order to make money.

Re Content:

These are good points, some of the older articles in question were written by different members of the team during a different era of the space. Maybe @Samantha can take a look at some of this to fix any duplicate content. However this may be by design to prevent people from having to read multiple articles to gain the context for the article they originally came for or for different types of learners.

We have a content strategist that handles all of our strategy and SEO. We are focused on quite a few key words and have OKRs based on getting Aragon on page 1 on google for these key words and she does an amazing job. In addition we have a strategy around what content we produce, when we produce it, how it is created, and the reasoning behind it. If there is content you think people should know i would recommend creating it and posting it on your own blog. Afterwards please feel free to post it in our Learning Library channel in Discord so that others creating DAOs can find it :slight_smile:

Not a bad idea, once again i would recommend coming in the Discord, creating a thread, and starting a conversation.

Yes, @Samantha is our content writer. In addition we dont create content in order to gain clout or credit or thanks. We create content to help the ecosystem. If you have questions come in to the Discord and ask them, we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

We will not be posting bounties for the foreseeable future. If we need help i will keep you in mind and reach out. Youve been an active community member and we always appreciate your feedback. Its nice to see people care about the project and try and help us.

Yes, i remember this. From what Fintan told me, it was difficult to work with you. There was a lot of back and forth and the article simply didnt fit our needs. I apologize if he didnt communicate this properly with you. However, once again, i would highly recommend that you post this on your own personal blog to begin building your own reputation. After you post it on a blog youre more than welcome to post it in our Discord to help other community members.

@fmurphy thank you for tarnishing my image