A few questions about Membership DAO

Hi all, I’ve been working on this idea to start a DAO (Membership template) whose main goal would be to commission art made by artists outside the blockchain (as an intro), that we would then sell on digital marketplaces to make a profit and fund more commissions.

I’ve been reading through the doc’s and tested a mini-DAO on Rynkeby but there are still some questions I would like to make.

I saw that there’s an integration with Compound, but I noticed that it’s not added to Aragon’s Github repo and also, that you would have to launch it with the CLI. Are there any plans to integrate this as part of a template/app? The possibility of keeping some of the funds in DAI gaining interest is an interesting scenario for us.

Related to the Finance app, I understand that we can deposit through the web interface (or withdraw after voting) but I was wondering if we can deposit funds from the ‘outside’? Meaning is there an address for the vault? We would like to associate the DAO’s vault address to the minting contract so that when a piece was sold the funds would be deposited there automatically.

Still related to Finance. Is there a way to distribute revenues between members automatically? We are hoping to make extra profit and it would be great if we could do this in a programatic way.

And a final question :smiley: is Agent app working? I tried to install frame and everything but when adding the DAO it showed nothing. I’m still unclear about what Agent can do too…

Thank you for your time


If you select “Agent” when setting up the membership template you can use it along with frame (see Connect your DAO to any smart contract | Aragon Agent for more details) to interact with compound. It doesn’t require the CLI if you use Frame but does require some initial setup.

There is also a compound app with a frontend inside the client. This would need to be installed to an org via the CLI. I don’t think there is any plans to create a template that includes this but there is some work being done to make it easier to install apps like this into the existing templates. cc @chrishobcroft

There is an address for the vault/agent depending on your organizations configuration and you can send tokens/ETH directly to it. If you go to the Organization page you should see a list of the installed apps and their addresses in the org, look for the one that says Vault or Agent.

Note that, tokens sent directly to the vault/agent will only show up in the finance app if there has been atleast one deposit from the finance front end. This is sort of like how in metamask you need to specifically add a token to a watchlist for it to appear, once you make that first transfer though the full balance will appear.

Yes, there’s an app for that :smiley: – Autark’s rewards app allows you to schedule one time or recurring distributions from a vault based on the balances of a token (eg your membership token). cc @stellarmagnet

Agent is working quite well for me. It can be a bit unintuitive to set up though. Essentially the Agent acts as a contract based account for your org. When you add it to frame, it allows you to perform actions as you would by normally interacting with a dapp but on behalf of your organization. Frame does this by associating a local account in frame (that has permission to create a vote or otherwise permission perform to perform agent actions in your organization), then when you interact with a dapp it takes the transaction and forwards it to the agent.

We currently don’t have a frontend for the agent app, but the frontend in the app would just be a list of historical transactions similar to what you would find on etherscan. The actual interaction in terms of using the Agent to perform transactions happens in frame or the CLI.

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Thank you for the answers. Is the app Rewards available in Membership Templates? I might have missed it…

I will have a better look at Agent+Frame and I’ll try an install of Compound app via CLI :slight_smile:


It’s not part of the template, but it can be installed via the CLI. (instructions). You can also try creating an Open Enterprise org on rinkeby to try out the rewards app before deciding whether you want to try and install it. If you decide you want to install and and are a bit overwhelmed by the instructions, feel free to reach out to me for help. :smiley:

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I’ll have a look and get back to you if needed, thank you for your availability!

You can ping us at videoDAC https://t.me/videoDAC if you have questions about the @CompoundFinance integration, and work around this.

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Hey @oficinastk,
Welcome to the forum. Keep us up if you succeed or if you are still encoutering difficulties.
Your feedback matters to Aragon teams :slight_smile:

@LouisGrx @criticaltv @lkngtn

Thank you all for the hints; I’ve launched a Membership template (easy peasy) but then came across some difficulties while trying to install the CLI. Will take a closer look during the weekend or so.


I’ve onboarded the members and we’ve been running some test votes so that everyone gets an idea - everyone finds the UI very nice and clear so far :slight_smile:

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Please feel free to jump in #dev-help we’ll make sure to help solve blockers :wink: