A comprehensive landing page for the Aragon Network

Hey there,

In this post I will share something I’ve been discussing recently with several community members, receiving some positive feedback encouraged me to post.

This is an idea for a comprehensive landing page for the whole Aragon Network. The aim of this page would be to provide tons of insights and information about the Aragon Network within one simple infographic.

Why the idea could be worth pursuing

A quick grasp of the Aragon Network

In my eyes it is a topic worth discussing considering how hard it is to get a high level understanding and grasp of what the Aragon Ecosystem is today and what object the Aragon Network is.

The Aragon Network is a DAO itself (or networked firm or whatever we call it), and while it is still in a transition to running using the Aragon products, it is already a disruptive human coordination structure. Because this type of organizational structure and ecosystem is so new, people need to grasp the extent of this organizational paradigm as quickly as possible (Ideally whenever they come in touch with the ecosystem).

From the moment people understand the organizational paradigm and big picture, it can be much smoother for them to navigate the Aragon ecosystem, understand it, and anchor the object deep in their mind. If they don’t get it, things become hard to process and bounce rate may be very high.

While I have no clue what the ROI could be, I feel the payback of making this anchoring process just 2x easier could reveal high, especially if/when we enter a phase where attention to the crypto ecosystem is rising again. Most people are visual and a simple drawing can say a lot.

In sum this comprehensive landing page would be an incremental improvement to our current set of solutions (documentation, aragon.org…) addressing issues like: attracting community members, talent, voters…


A few months ago the Aragon Project was one single team. Quickly, the pioneer work made by Aragon One gave birth to a much wider ecosystem:


  • Autark
  • Aragon Black
  • Aragon One
  • The Coop
  • The CFDAO
  • The broader community
  • Multiple Nest teams
  • Aragon Association
  • Others?


  • Aragon Stack
  • Aragon Client
  • Aragon Apps

Ways to communicate information for governance & coordinate for work

  • The Aragon Forum
  • Arachat, Keybase…
  • All devs
  • Others and more to come (this I know!)

Ways to manifest power for governance & make decisions for work

  • AGP process
  • Flock Program
  • Others…

Each of the components cited above are vital organs of the Network and withdrawing one would make all the rest fall apart. For this reason they are all part of the Aragon Network.

How the page could look like

Earlier this week we had a conversation with @stellarmagnet. She explained me that she wanted to explain to a broader audience how big and growing the Aragon Network currently is and came up with this great infographic.

Earlier this month I started writing this diagram, especially because that’s the thing I’d love to show when explaining how Aragon Works to someone.

How to use it

The diagram above is a bit neglected and all but final. But the rough idea is that the user/visitor can go over each node/component of the diagram and read the main information about it in a very synthetic fashion.

For example, hover the mouse over Aragon Black’s node:

  • "Aragon Black is a Flock team focused on X and composed by Y team members
  • It started working with Aragon in 2018 and fot funded as a Flock team during ANV#2
  • Link to blog, website…"

Scrolling over AA:

  • "AA holds Aragon Network funds and oversees the main governance processes
  • link to website etc…"

Scrolling over ‘communication tools’:

  • "Join dicussions on Aragon Forum for such and such
  • Join the Aragon Chat to ask questions and discuss…"

Where would the page seat?

Updating existing page

@stellarmagnet pointed that such a page already exists, but in a very simple form: https://aragon.org/project/contribute

So if there is traction around the idea we could update this page maybe.

Creating an aragon.network page

This one was also suggested by @stellarmagnet.

Radical approach

My subjective and probably naive take on the question is that the user should see only two things when looking for Aragon on their internet browser:

  1. A page dedicated to the client
  2. The comprehensive landing page described in this post, which offers the possibility to dive wherever they want in the ecosystem

In this regard, the comprehensive landing page would become the new aragon.org landing page or something like that.

Now, I recognize that putting this as a landing page may not make sense from a more informed web dev POV or in terms of website architecture. I’d be open to have counter arguments on that.

Next steps

Overall hope the idea makes some sense. I’m totally fine with changing anything and everything if needed. If there is no interest let’s just drop it :sweat_smile:

If feedback is positive, happy to work on next steps and chat. I have started thinking a bit about what could be done.


This would be awesome! It took me a while of exploration and digging to piece together what Aragon is and how the ecosystem connects and operates. Seeing it all laid out in a picture/chart would have been really helpful.

Everything in this section sounds amazing.

While this page would be very useful, I think it might be confusing as the first thing someone sees. Like If I hear about Aragon on Reddit and go to the website and see a big chart thing I have no idea what’s going on. It would be information overload. As is I think the landing page that talks about the freedom to organize and other high level things is a great start. Then maybe there could be a panel on the homepage all about the community/ecosystem, and if you click on that it could take you to the community/ecosystem portal which would be this page you’re describing. That way once someone gets the basic info of what Aragon is, if they’re interested in connecting and learning more they can explore the ecosystem/community page and go from there.


There’s also this: https://aragon.org/network

My initial thoughts are that this kind of “ecosystem map” may be best suited to be shared as blog post - a snapshot - rather than as a static resource that will require maintenance over time. We could then publish a blog post with a new version maybe once a year, and people can review the different blog posts and see how the ecosystem evolves over time eg. blog post titled “Aragon Ecosystem Map - 2019 Edition” with a hi-def image. But then I see that you want to make it interactive, so for that maybe we could repurpose the aragon.network domain for this, and just make clear in the title header of the page that the map is just a snapshot and will need to be updated at a later date. Then each time we update the page we can publish a blog post about it as I suggest before, with a hi-def screenshot of the map that can also be easily shared on social media and other blogs and such.


I think this would be fantastic.

I’m quite familiar with Aragon, yet looking at the project afresh after some time I found it difficult to visualize the whole network and the different parts the various team’s play and how to contribute


Thanks for feedback!

Makes sense as a first step, but to be honest I’d be in for a bit more effort. So maybe a static resource updated each AGP round. Do you think this would be a pain?

Makes a lot of sense!

summing up


I’d love to coordinate with @stellarmagnet’s to merge here work with mine. It could be used for a blog post or to upload on Aragon.org. Probably get some help from more front-end design peeps could help provided they have some bandwidth.

Otherwise I’ll do on my own and come up with something at some point :slight_smile:


In addition to the cool interactive graphic, would it also be good to add a comprehensive list of all the things in the Aragon ecosystem like what @lkngtn put together with this awesome Aragon list? That way if people are using browsers that have Javascript disabled, have slow/limited bandwidth/compute, and/or just want a resource that’s quick and easy to navigate they could get a lot of the same information

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