A British government dispute resolution framework

A British government-sanctioned task force has proposed a dispute resolution framework that would keep cryptocurrency and smart contract disagreements out of the courts.

Under the remit of the new rules, crypto-based disputes could be resolved without any major intervention by the courts. The laws would allow for the appointment of an independent tribunal to adjudicate on matters of dispute, and any decision reached by the tribunal would be legally binding.

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I’m really curious to see how this will roll out!

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Why do you think people would choose Aragon arbitration over the British government dispute resolution (English law provides an established and familiar framework)?

“When services are decentralised and participants can be located all over the world, it can
be very difficult to work out which country’s laws apply when there is a dispute, and in which
country the dispute should be resolved. This can lead to lengthy (and costly) legal battles.
It is therefore sensible for parties to agree in advance which country’s laws should govern
certain aspects of their relationship and transactions, and, subject to some constraints, they
are allowed to do this. As set out in the UKJT’s legal statement, in the UKJT’s view, English
law provides an established and familiar framework by reference to which rights in respect
of digital technologies can be effectively established and enforced, and English law is well
able to deal with technological developments and has an impressive track record of doing
source: https://35z8e83m1ih83drye280o9d1-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/Lawtech_DDRR_Final.pdf

Well… the simplest answer here is that Aragon is a borderless framework, so we have a broader scope and it would definitely prevent those “lengthy (and costly) legal battles”.

What is not simple, and I agree on what you said, is that people tends to choose what’s “familiar” to them. Here comes to the part that building a good service is important, but having people using and advocating for them is a crucial to make them “mainstream” and familiar to everyone that needs it.

Why is Aragon more borderless than British government dispute resolution? Everyone can incorporated the Digital Dispute Resolution Rules into their contract.

These rules may be incorporated into a contract, digital asset or digital asset system by
including the text (which may be in electronic or encoded form) “Any dispute shall be
resolved in accordance with UKJT Digital Dispute Resolution Rules”
source: https://35z8e83m1ih83drye280o9d1-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/Lawtech_DDRR_Final.pdf