3rd Party Documentation (and incentives for community contributions)

The current process does not meet my needs. That’s why I created this thread in the first place! hack.aragon.org does not have a community contributions section , the wiki is losing it’s developer section, and the CFDAO is not organized and too clunky for small things like creating a how-to guide for an app or installation on an OS. Proposals to improve this are:

  • create a community section on hack.aragon
  • create a CFDAO section on the forum (with a bug bounty like thread establishing norms/expectations for community documentation contributions)

If you disagree with those ideas that’s fine. The way you’re replying tho it feels like you’re trying to close a GitHub issue rather than have a conversation. This thread for the community to talk and the ideas and brainstorm, not to just shut people down because you disagree with them.

wow such a long discussion. I am always getting bit tired if i see so much written stuff haha
I just wanted to share an idea i heard at epiccentre. https://epicenter.tv/episode/302/
They discuss ETH HUB. https://ethhub.io/ I would love to see something similar just for aragon. I don’t like the overview that much I think this can be better but I like the idea of an AragonHUB

for me I like mock ups even if they are very simple. a picture says more then 1000 words or so? :wink:

You’re right. I was a bit miffed by your comment implying that the Aragon community doesn’t care about contributors, which I disagree with but I understand your frustration. There’s certainly work to do on both the documentation and incentives front. We have some infrastructure in place, but as you point out, it might not be serving everyone as well as it could be. Thank you for starting this discussion!

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Hey. So… after some reflection it’s dawned on me that I was being a bit of an asshat here. I’m quite salty when it comes to “community rewards” type things. It’s my biggest frustration with open source and humanity in general. I’m also salty about the AGP snafu and I think that spilled over here too.

Anyways, you were right in that it’s not that hard to create an Issue or submit a PR to hack.aragon. The frustrating part is that some people get paid to do that stuff, but some people don’t. There needs to be better mechanisms to reward and recognize community contributions. We’re starting work on that via the CRDAO. Hopefully that’s a step in the right direction to incentivize and recognize contributions to things like docs, AGPs, and other things that are essential to the community, but don’t fit nicely into bounties or salaried positions. If you have any other ideas on things that would help in this direction that would be awesome.