2 bad links on Aragon website

Hi, i’m just new to Aragon but really interested in the perspectives of the stack.
Following the tutorial at https://hack.aragon.org/docs/tutorial.html, i found two bad links at the bottom of the page

  • bug bounty link opens a wiki ‘not found’ page
  • subscribe button opens a mailchimp 404

don’t know if this is the right place to post, but sure you will find what to do with it :wink:

  • it is not clear where to put this code
// ...

function App() {
  const { api, appState } = useAragonApi()
  const { count, isSyncing } = appState
  const step = 2

  return (
            icon={<IconMinus />}
            onClick={() => api.decrement(step).toPromise()}
            icon={<IconPlus />}
            onClick={() => api.increment(step).toPromise()}
              margin-left: ${2 * GU}px;

i’ve put it after the other ‘Box’ the precedent but it does not seem to fit the needs as ‘api’ is unknown

I have errors with ws:localost too

I’m on linux Mint, node v14.15.1

nothing seems wrong in the cmd :

frontend | You can now view the Aragon client in the browser.
frontend | App content: http://localhost:8001
frontend | Client:  http://localhost:3000/#/0x0D13999edC23D3475Ed3FE22a15Cc7828FeCD762/0xA1A7d254552BEB05f15522EeD93B54441E61d1d9
Ready for changes